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What are the nfc

2018-03-12 16:00:45

With the upgrading, whether it has nfc function has become a new standard for flagship machines. Today, I will introduce to you the flagship machines with nfc functions of various brands.


: Rog2; HUAWEI nova 7 Pro 5G; OPPO Ace2; iQOO Neo3 5G; iPhone 11

Introduction to nfc:

HUAWEI nova 7 Pro 5G "four-character brother" endorsement of Huawei nova series flagship. In terms of photography, the front 32 million pursuit focus double shot, 50 times hidden zoom four shots, to love the United States you, bring a more amazing experience. The 985 flagship chip, the industry-leading 7nm process technology, brings you a strong work and game experience, which is really proud of the people.


OPPO Ace2 focuses on the concept of "super players", the latest Xiaolong 865 processor, the highest LPDDR5 memory, the highest 90Hz refresh rate screen, to bring extraordinary game experience to players, with graphite cooling technology, the game has never been so pleasant, more leading 65W SuperVOOC charging technology, to help you play for a summer. Never lose power.


iQOO Neo3 5GVIVO is the flagship game series, bringing you a unique game experience in 2020. Xiaolong 865, ufs3.1f gives it a powerful core; The 144Hz refresh rate screen gives you a smooth experience. The only official designation of "King Glory", with iQOO Neo3, brings you the "king" version of the game experience, want to play, not fast!


iPhone 11 has always been, Apple in people's hearts is the impression of high-end grade, this iPhone 11 also did not let you down, still ahead of the appearance, the new dual camera system, bring you amazing shooting experience. A13 chip, fast charging technology, all highlight Apple's unique technological progress, all of which are just right!


ROG Game 2 My favorite machine, ROG2 is made for games! Xiaolong 855p chip, 12G large memory, 6000 mah large battery, so that your gaming experience continues. Dual speakers, quality control, game optimization, ring field vibration, back breathing light, bring you a cool experience beyond imagination. Double control handle, cool fan and other faith accessories for you to choose, this is our "faith eye"!


The five flagships introduced above all have nfc functions.

Matters needing attention

Introduced a few representative pieces, the above are personal views.


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