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What are the recommended linen items for summer

2018-03-18 17:36:34

In summer, many friends will prefer linen material when choosing clothing, which is not only very comfortable to wear, but also has a good cooling effect. So what are some recommended linen items for summer?




Linen vertical breasted vest with yellow wide-leg pants, a very small match, while giving a very comfortable visual sense.


Dark green linen halter dress, very sexy linen single, not only very comfortable to wear, but also very unique, giving a goddess like feeling.


Brown linen tank top with khaki linen shorts, a very slimming match, at the same time to a certain extent can highlight the perfect personal figure.


Black and white checkered linen suspenders dress, very retro linen single, not only can well highlight the personal intellectual elegant side, but also to a certain extent gives a very small feeling, has a strong uniqueness.


Khaki loose linen overalls with white T-shirt, a very good match, giving people a strong literary style, as if the fairy fell by mistake on earth, full of fairy.


For linen items, there are different styles in the summer, which is to choose according to their own preferences, and in order to better present the characteristics of the selected items, we must choose a good match for our own, so that we can better wear out their own taste.

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