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What are the rules of table tennis

2018-03-04 09:36:00

What are the rules of table tennis competition? With the improvement of people's economic level, sports gradually become the object of people's attention. Table tennis is loved by people as a simple sport that can be participated by all people


Table tennis


When serving, the ball should be placed on the palm of the non-holding hand, with the palm open and flat. The ball should be stationary, behind the end line of the server and above the level of the match.


The server must throw the ball almost vertically upward with his hand, without spinning the ball, and raise the ball not less than 16 cm after leaving the palm of the non-holding hand, and the Angle between the lifting line and the vertical line of the ball must not be greater than 45 degrees.


When the ball is lowered from the highest point of the toss, the server may hit the ball so that it first touches his own court, then over or around the net device, and then touches the receiver's court. In doubles, the ball should touch the right half of the server and the receiver.


From the last moment when the ball is still before the throw to the stroke, the ball and racket should be above the horizontal plane of the playing surface.


When hitting the ball, it should be behind the end line of the server, but not beyond the part of the server's body (other than the arm, head, or leg) farthest from the end line.