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What are the security measures at the construction site?

2018-04-12 12:48:07

1, the construction site to establish the security system of the image monitoring system, the establishment of security agencies, the security office is responsible for. 2, equipped with sufficient strength of security personnel, day and night on duty patrol, do a good job of anti-theft work of site items, on-site materials, equipment, vehicle access must be verified, and strictly control non-construction personnel in and out. 3, the construction site management personnel and construction personnel wear work cards. The work card is produced by the general contractor, and the work card has my photo, name, unit, type of work or position, and the work card of management and construction personnel is differentiated by color. 4, establish a visitor registration system, enter the site must go through the registration record, approved before entering. 5, in the construction site is strictly prohibited to fight, unreasonable, disrupt the normal production, work and life order, violators seriously dealt with, and responsible for all economic losses of the other party, serious circumstances will be sent to the authorities. 6, where the site construction personnel must consciously abide by the law, it is strictly prohibited to gather gambling at the site, steal public and private property, if found, that is sent to the authorities. 7. The sub-contractor shall specify the person responsible for security to the security office, sign the security responsibility letter, collect the security deposit, register all construction personnel uniformly, report to the project security office and local authorities for the record, and handle the corresponding procedures at the same time.