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What are the special snacks?

2018-03-07 17:36:00

Many people come, in addition to experiencing the fast pace, but also want to eat the legendary snacks. Today, Xiaobian will share some special snacks with you. I hope I can give you a good time and eat happily!


Crab roe soup bun. This is a kind of looks big, actually inside is crab roe and soup snack, very powerful way to eat is to take the root to suck the juice, the soup is really powerful!


Fried bun. It is said to be a native snack with a history of hundreds of years. As a migrant worker, Xiaobian just wants to say - good food! If you come, you must eat! The sheng jian bao in other places will be different from the one here!


Xiao long Bao. Nanxiang Xiaolongbao should be very famous. In fact, many places have Xiaolongbao, but Lanxiang Xiaolongbao crystal clear, one bite into it, delicious feeling is really indescribable!


Three fresh small wontons. The difference between the three fresh small chaos and other small wontons is not the filling (the filling is pure meat), but in its soup, which is made of shredded eggs, shrimps, and seaweed. The taste is very delicious!


Fried tofu vermicelli soup. This is a very authentic soup noodles, although it looks a little light, but it is exactly so, the withdrawal of people's health mentality. People like to eat oil tofu, and will tear oil tofu, bread meat and then braised the practice.


Big gnocchi. This is a gift that Xiaobian has received many times from local people. People love sweet food, no festival, will make their own meatballs to eat. Their meatballs are a little different from what we imagine, they are made with glutinous rice flour, the size of half a fist, with a core, usually a pot of meatballs have many kinds of flavors, sesame, peanut, meat, leek, rich and colorful.


Another one is pot stickers. There are two forms of pot stickers, one is fried, looks similar to dumplings, there are stuffing, and then similar to raw frying, the other is to do pot hot pot when the scene, knead, and then directly attached to the wall of the pot, and then cooked with hot pot in the soup to eat, cooked pot stickers like Indian pancake, but it is hard and crisp, hot pot sauce is particularly delicious and filling.