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What are the steps of novice milk tea

2018-03-31 14:24:16

I often encounter some friends who want to start a business and ask the same question: How to open a milk tea? I have experienced many years of milk tea brand franchise management work, now in view of this problem to make a discussion. Open a milk tea, the work is the most important. This is also the biggest difficulty for people who want to enter the industry. As for the management after the opening, I think there are two words: heart.


Sufficient funds are enough to support the initial operation of a milk tea


Manpower, time, patience, care, confidence


No nonsense, directly say their own open process: Step 1: Solve the technical problem, that is, product production First, you need to solve the product problem, no product everything else is empty talk. Here I offer several methods: 1, recruit a long, have product research and development experience, the disadvantage is that the long is difficult to recruit; 2, provide product formula raw material suppliers, according to the product formula practice, its disadvantage is that the product production taste cannot be guaranteed, and the product update is slow; 3, find a home milk tea to work, learn product production, but also understand the whole operation, its disadvantage is that it takes a long time, and the products they can learn are very limited; 4, find a service or organization that can help you provide training and support for products and raw materials; Me, ha ha.


Step 2: Raw materials, equipment Raw materials and equipment are linked to the product, according to your product to determine your raw materials and equipment, this piece is basically solvable.


Step 3: Determine positioning and operational strategy The above two steps can be solved, and then you must first think about how you should operate and how to position yourself! A lot of people absolutely operate after the things, this is a big mistake! At the beginning, we must think about the direction of operation, and some of the site selection and decoration you do next can echo it! Otherwise, it will take more time and effort to repair. Face positioning - consumer group positioning, location positioning, product positioning, style positioning... ... Noodle operation - Window or dine-in? Branding or personalization? How to attract the target consumer group? How to protect consumers? Can we also develop to join? Is it a direct chain, or is it a cooperative franchise? ... ... In short, many problems need to be thought, prepared, and solved in advance. Although the plan can not catch up with changes, but also do not fight unprepared


Step 4: Location, find shop When you think about how to position, how to do the follow-up operation and development, you can choose the location and find the shop according to this. The most important thing to pay attention to is not to be cheated by the second landlord, the third landlord, and the fourth landlord. Then is patience, finding shop is a relatively long process, need fate!

Method/Step 2

The fifth step: decoration design and construction decoration style is not said, in the third step has been solved, only need to docking with the decoration design on the line, there is also a need to think, that is, logo, door head, cup design. The production of doors and cups can also be solved.


The sixth step: staff recruitment and opening the general opening will have an opening activity, this word can be simple, can also be a variety of tricks, which completely depends on their own.


Step 7: Operation and expansion operation is very important, which includes noodles, staff management, etc., how to improve consumer satisfaction and communication degree, improve the turnover of noodles and so on; In fact, if the face of the operation is good, there will be a lot of people ask to join things, it depends on how individuals decide, is to join or direct or cooperation, etc., also mentioned in the previous. In short, it is not a difficult thing to see your own milk tea, depending on whether you have the heart to do it. It's okay to think big, but it's also important to act down to earth.

Method/Step 4

According to the requirements of bartending technology, to match a cup of good milk tea, we must basically understand the following points:


1, learn to taste milk tea; 2, raw material ingredients formula; 3, seasoning amount and time; 4, the application of equipment and seasoning; 5. Seasoning technique; 6. Preservation of milk tea; 7. Packaging requirements for milk tea; 8. Changes in milk tea (including sample changes and qualitative changes, : Latte.)

Matters needing attention

Opening milk tea is a long-term process, during the opening period must be good statistics of their own business data, how many sales per day, how many people, when the peak, when the number of people, cost accounting, how much profit and other data must be accurately calculated, and formulate corresponding activities to promote, and the effect of the activity program to do systematic data statistics, and constantly summarize the successful experience Only then can we make milk tea better and better.