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What are the things that need to be paid attention to when going to the United States to give birth honestly?

2018-03-25 11:12:42

Go to the United States now must be honest entry, then honest entry does not mean simply tell the customs you are to have a child on the line, the customs release does not need to be considered in all aspects, then go to the United States honest clearance need to pay attention to what? Global baby Xiaobian summed up so many.


Go to the United States to give birth honestly


(1) Entry inspection The Customs will guide tourists to the entry inspection room and queue up for inspection according to the different entry visas. When it is your turn to be checked, submit your passport, I-20, I-94 (which the flight attendant will give you before landing), and your customs declaration form to the immigration officer for inspection. You should know that holding a passport and visa does not guarantee entry, because the visa only gives the holder the right to ask for entry, and it is up to the immigration officer to let him enter or not. The immigration officer will check the blacklist to see if you are on it. By custom, customs will ask you a series of questions such as where you are staying in the United States, the purpose of your visit and how much money you have with you. Pregnant mothers just take it easy. After asking, the customs will stamp and indicate the time and period of entry.


Walk to the baggage claim area according to the instructions on the aisle, find the baggage claim desk of your class according to the computer screen or notice (Boarding card has flights on it), remove your luggage from the turntable, and carefully check your luggage, because many suitcases look exactly the same, it is easy to take the wrong luggage, the airport has a trolley, some airport cars are free. You can also ask porter to do it for $1. When queuing, you may wish to choose the shortest line to queue for inspection. Do not look left and right, hesitate, and do not see another line of customs clearance quickly and temporarily change lines, and become suspicious and subjected to careful examination. Smile, be honest, answer questions, but don't talk too much, so as not to ask for trouble. When checking baggage, you should hand over your documents. If the customs asks you to open the box for inspection, do not hesitate to open it immediately. If the customs officer signals through, do not be suspicious, immediately ask for your luggage to leave, according to U.S. law, customs officers do not have the right to open your luggage, but if they ask you to open it and you refuse, they have the right to open your luggage.


If you want to change planes after entering the country, you have to estimate the time and report to the airport counter as soon as possible. Of course, your baggage should be re-registered. If the airport is large, in order to avoid taking the wrong way, may wish to ask the airport staff, in the season formalities, find the door, this time there may be a period of rest, pregnant mothers can walk around, stretch the bones and bones of the book fair.

Matters needing attention

Not an honest visa or a tourist visa, honest entry is a must