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What are the tips for choosing a diamond ring

2018-01-10 01:36:00

Diamonds may be the best friend for women, but for men, when choosing diamond rings, they always feel that it is difficult to weigh in style and size, and diamond rings have simply become the enemy of men

Picking diamond ring tips

Understand the market information


Before buying, be sure to spend some time to investigate and understand the current market of the diamond ring brand, understand the 4C standard of the diamond ring, understand which brand is more suitable for their own proposal, which brand concept is more suitable for themselves. So, friends who are thinking of proposing, be sure to pay attention!


Do as one can


There is a saying that "reality is very bone, it is very important to do what you can", the standard of buying a diamond ring should also choose the price according to your own economic situation, and can not blindly lavish luxury for the brand, after all, we are not using money to propose, the most important thing is that we have a sincere heart.


Ring material


Ring material is an important consideration for diamond rings. The most common materials include K gold and platinum, but other materials can also be used. K gold is an alloy of gold and other metals, available in 14K, 18K and 24K. 14K gold is one of the most suitable materials for making diamond rings, which is very popular in foreign countries, and we are more likely to use 18K gold to ensure the durability of the ring without sacrifice. We do not recommend you to use 24K gold, because it is too soft, it is so easy to scratch, set diamonds are not stable, easy to drop diamonds.


"Remedy the disease"


Pay attention to what style of jewelry she usually likes to wear, if she does not usually like to wear jewelry, you can ask her parents or closest friends, according to her "figure" to create an exclusive "wedding dress" for her. If she is as delicate as Daiyu, it is the best comfort to bring her some romantic taste. The first real name system to customize a romantic Lovenus, and in her ear to her say "never leave" oath, that is how happy things ah!




It is really a great thing to customize and design an exclusive diamond ring according to your own ideas, and the style designed with sincerity can better express your specificity, and the style you shape is the happiness you will carry in the future.

Matters needing attention

"Drill" out of your little happiness, with your carefully selected tokens to tell her how much you care about her!!