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What are the tourist attractions

2018-03-20 03:12:00

What are the tourist attractions? What are the tour opening hours? What should I pay attention to when I travel? It is the capital of the province, located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Hehuang Valley between the north and south mountains, the climate is pleasant, is the summer resort, known as "China's summer capital". Surrounded by mountains, winter without cold, summer without heat, pleasant climate, is a plateau semi-arid climate, the average annual temperature of 4.9℃, the highest 31℃, the lowest -18℃. Summer breezes, cool as autumn, is a natural summer resort. Many places of interest, the main tourist attractions are the county of Tar Temple, 151 kilometers from the city of the lake, as well as the lake southeast of the Sun and Moon Mountain. It is located in the southwest corner of Rusal town in the county, Tar Er Temple, is the birthplace of the founder of Lamaism (Tibetan Buddhism) Gelug (Yellow religion) Zongkappa, is one of the six monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism Gelug (Yellow religion), is also the first one of the scenic spots and key cultural relics protection units in the province. It has a history of more than 400 years. The whole monastery is composed of many temples, sutras, pagodas and monks' houses, which is a splendid architectural complex combining Chinese and Tibetan art, and is also famous in Southeast Asia. Admission and opening hours: Adult admission: 80 yuan/person for active soldiers, disabled soldiers, retired military cadres, preschool children, etc. A half-price discount will be offered to students, the elderly and the disabled. Tour guide fee: According to the number of people, 5 people, 20 yuan/person. More than 5 people, 10 yuan/person. Team of more than 20 people 5 yuan/person. Opening hours: 8:00-17:00 Tourist attractions of Riyue Mountain Riyue Mountain, named Chiling in the early Tang Dynasty. Located in the southwest of the county, in the southeast of the lake, 3520 meters above sea level, it is the only place for visitors to enter the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, so it is known as "West Sea screen" and "prairie gateway". It is said that when the princess into Tibet through this mountain, she carries a treasure mirror, peak east look, not see home, sad from the heart, empty mirror slide to the ground, in two, half into gold, half into silver moon, sun and moon each other, illuminating the journey to the west. This place became the Tang Dynasty and Tubo to carry out the exchange of materials and the transfer of ambassadors between the two places. At present, there is a green stone tablet with three characters of "Sun and Moon Mountain" on the mountain pass, and the sun pavilion and moon pavilion overlooking each other at the top of the mountain, with a unique flow of Daotang River at the foot. Ticket · Opening Hours: Ticket: 40 yuan/person Opening hours: 8:00-17:00 Tourist attractions Lake Lake is located in the lake basin in the northeast of the province, also known as "Kukulnur", is China's largest inland lake, is also China's largest saltwater lake. There are five islands in the lake, the largest of which is Haixin Mountain. Bird Island is located in the west of the lake, with an area of 0.11 square kilometers. It is a breeding and living place for more than 10 kinds of migratory birds, including bar-headed geese, fish gull, brown-headed gull and cormorants, with a number of more than 100,000. It must be said that the scenery of the lake is very different in different seasons. In summer and autumn, when the surrounding mountains and the vast grasslands of the west bank are covered with green clothes, the lakeside mountains are beautiful, the sky is high and the scenery is very beautiful. The vast and undulating grassland of thousands of miles, the countless cattle and sheep, the fat and sturdy blustery horses, and the neat and picturesque fields of wheat waves are really perfect. Every November, the lake began to freeze, the vast blue lake, frozen jade, snow-covered, like a huge mirror, shining in the sun, all day long radiating dazzling brilliance. Best time to visit: April to August (In July every year, there are large rapeseed flowers on the shore, becoming an important point of view of the lake. But if the main purpose of the trip is Bird Island, May is the best) Tickets · Opening hours: Adult tickets: 100 yuan/person, discount tickets: 50 yuan/person lake tickets: off-season 50 yuan/person, peak season 100 yuan/person Lake now has 4 scenic spots: Erlang Sword Scenic spot 100 yuan, Bird Island 100 yuan, Sand Island 70 yuan, Fairy Bay 60 yuan (the above price implementation period is April 16 to October 15, other times half price) Opening hours: open all day again the best time to go to tourist attractions The best time to travel is summer, that is, every year from July to September. Summer is cool, the temperature is more than 20℃ below, is a natural summer place. Every July and August, when many cities are hot, it is breezy and cool. Finally, I will talk about the precautions for traveling. 1. How to travel? You can travel by plane, train or coach. Aircraft: Caojiapu Airport is located 29 kilometers east of the center, and there are daily flights for the bound and bound planes on the route; Other flights to Golmud 、、、、 are not available every day, you need to check before departure. The fare of civil aviation shuttle bus is 21 yuan, and the price of taxi from the airport to the city is about 80 yuan, so many people may wish to consider taxi. Train: It is the intersection of Lanqing and Qinghai-Tibet, and the traffic extends in all directions, with direct trains to Golmud, Golmud, and other places. With the breakthrough of Qinghai-Tibet, it has become an important train transfer station to go to, most of the trains to all places stop, to the whole 24 hours or so, and the departure time of all flights is after 4 p.m. Long-distance bus: there are Qinghai-Tibet, Qingxin, and other internal and external traffic lines, long-distance bus to the main cities and counties inside and outside the province. There are two coach stations. Frequent stations, tickets are not tight, as long as you buy one day in advance. 2, tourism accommodation suggested accommodation is very convenient, the choice is more, off-season some five-star hotels in the nightly price of about 400 yuan. Other hostels and guest houses are affordable, with some costing only 20-30 yuan a night. The water is very cold, even in the summer, try not to take cold showers to prevent colds. The river will be divided into two parts: east and west. The area is close to the train station and long-distance bus station, which is convenient for tourists to go to the lake, Golmud and other places. Most hotels are concentrated here. 3, tourism food recommendation 1: There is one thing you can't avoid trying, that is, halal yogurt, which is sold in many places on the main street of major tourist attractions, especially near the West Gate, 1 yuan/bowl. It is certainly one of the best yogurts you can taste. Around the building, there are many food stalls serving delicious casserole, a small hotpot mix of beef, lamb, vegetables, tofu and vermicelli. It's very full. It's only 5 yuan and comes with a bowl of rice. If you want to save money for dinner, this is a very good choice. Recommendation # 3: Now the real night heart has moved to the street. Take the No. 1 bus from the railway station to the Grand Cross Station, then walk 100 meters north from Yinma Street. The stalls, which stretch for hundreds of meters, are popular and open from 17:00 to 24:00 in the evening. These stalls not only offer local snacks, but in fact, visitors can eat snacks from all over the world. Recommendation 4: The most authentic snacks often hide in the place where foreign tourists do not know, recommend the most delicious snacks: Mazhong brew skin, located in Mojia Street, take a road car at the Grand Cross station can get off, brew skin 4 yuan/piece. Recommendation 5: Taste the famous fried noodles can go to Yinghua noodle hall, which is the most respected noodle hall of the local people, the decoration is general, but the taste of noodle is really very delicious, you can take the 33 bus from the railway station to Shanshan Station, the big bowl of noodle is only 5 yuan/bowl. 4, some other travel precautions The climate is dry, in order to enhance resistance should strengthen the intake of vegetables and fruits, do not eat lamb incontinently, once the fire, will affect the physical strength and health level. Since the local fruit and vegetable production is not much, it is recommended to increase the daily vitamin intake. Wear sunglasses and a sunscreen with a high SPF (no less than 30) to protect your skin from the high altitude's UV rays.