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What are the uses of paper towels?

2018-04-14 03:12:59

Paper towels are often used in our daily life, paper towels are also called household paper, including napkins, facial tissues, handkerchief paper, roll paper, etc., what are the uses of paper towels?


Paper towels filled with tea have the effect of moisture-proof. The method is: fold the paper towel in half and grow square, staple the three sides of the paper towel, make a small bag, and then put tea in the bag, put in the wardrobe, there is a moisture-proof effect, because the tea has the function of absorbing water vapor in the air.


Paper towels loaded with tea also has the effect of anti-odor, shoes in a long time to wear, there will be odor, if you use paper towels loaded with some tea, put on for a period of time, you can quickly remove the smell of shoes. This is because tea has an adsorptive effect.


Wet wipes can also quickly freeze drinks. In the hot summer, many people like to drink frozen drinks, in the frozen drinks, if the outside of the drink wrapped in a layer of wet paper towels, and then put into the freezer, the drink in the bottle can quickly cool down.


Paper towels can also be used to identify new rice from old rice. Some businesses in order to make profits, the old rice after waxing, sold to consumers, this processed old rice from the appearance and new rice can not be identified. However, after consumers eat this kind of rice, it will seriously harm their health.


Paper towels can be used to quickly identify new rice from old rice. The method is: take some old rice in the paper towel, and then hold it tightly with your hand for about 15 seconds, and then open the paper towel, if there is a light oil stain on the paper towel, it is likely to be processed old rice.


This page is based on experience


After the white shoes are cleaned, in the process of drying, the shoes are easy to yellow, if some paper towels on the outer bread of the shoes, and then placed outdoors to dry, the shoes will not appear yellow phenomenon.