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What brand is good for men's shoulder bag? How to buy?

2018-02-19 19:12:00

Once, I thought the bag was only a woman's pet, every woman has several beautiful bags, adding a beautiful landscape to this society. However, in modern society, many men have also entered the circle of fashion masters, and more and more men are also carrying a trendy bag that reflects their personality, which adds a different taste to themselves.

Features of men's shoulder bag

In a variety of men's bags, and the shoulder bag can better reflect a man's elegant, tasteful fashion style. It is more chic than a briefcase, and less heavy than a backpack, is the first choice for many men. Men's shoulder bag many brands are good, Septwolves, Fiji, old man head, kangaroo, Valentino and so on. In fact, everyone's needs are different, you don't have to choose what kind of brand bag to worry about, as long as it is their own favorite is good. As the saying goes: radish green vegetables, each has his own love, said this is the meaning.

Purchasing skills

How to buy a shoulder bag, in fact, is very simple, here, Xiaobian provides friends with some reference opinions on the purchase of a shoulder bag, hope to bring you some help:


First, determine the purpose of buying a bag, is office use, leisure use and travel use, to larger capacity or smaller, these factors directly determine the direction you buy a bag;


Second, choose the style and color you like, which is very related to personal personality, habits, hobbies, some people like leather, some people like canvas, some people like Korean style, some people like diagonal style, some people like simple, and some people like different styles and so on. As for the color, young people can choose a novel style, bright color bag, middle-aged and elderly people can choose a neutral color, which is stable and atmospheric.


Third, look at the material, workmanship and details of the bag, the feel and smoothness of the leather (whether it is natural leather or artificial leather according to personal preferences), whether the seam is dense, whether the zipper is strong and smooth, whether the inner liner is strong and durable, whether the strap is long enough, the comfort of the back on the body, etc., this link is a test of the degree of care. Of course, it is worth it to choose your favorite bag.


Finally, is the price of the problem, a novel shape, exquisite workmanship, full of fashion bag price may be slightly more expensive, this according to their own acceptable level to measure grasp. In fact, it turns out that many people may be able to buy a good bag in all aspects at a small cost, and I believe that you will also get such a lucky bag