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What can whiten

2018-03-15 09:36:23

Although basic skin care is done every day, how much do you know about its importance? Deep cleaning of the face is the first work of whitening maintenance. Long-term use of moisturizing and whitening conditioning products can improve the water content of the skin, make the skin clear and transparent at the same time, and the skin with a balance of water and fat can better absorb the whitening ingredients in skin care products. Skin care must be done every day, but the beauty and skin care survey from the media shows that nearly 9 layers of people actually do not have the concept of skin care or skin care concept misunderstanding. As far as the simplest whitening is concerned, more people are concerned about what skin care products can whiten and what methods can whiten. In fact, there are thousands of whitening methods, but the principle is so few, as long as the master of the principle can be derived from unlimited whitening skin care combination. The following beauty home will take you to understand the most commonly used whitening skin care concept. Whitening skin care products are overwhelming, even beauty experts can not be sure that whitening products are effective for you, but there are only a few routine whitening knowledge points that are recognized. 1. External application of antioxidant skin is not white because of excessive secretion of melanin, coupled with the destruction of free radicals, generating a large amount of melanin precipitation, resulting in the skin is not white. Antioxidant is precisely one of the powerful means to combat free radicals and prevent the formation of melanin precipitation; At the same time, it is also an important function of anti-aging. Nowadays, many external skin care products contain tocopherol acetate, grape polyphenol, coenzyme Q10, astaxanthin, etc. These are very good antioxidant external ingredients. 2. Taking antioxidant vitamins C, E, carotene, lycopene, grape seeds and other ingredients are good internal antioxidant ingredients. 3. Skin changing means to accelerate the metabolism of new and old skin through skin care means. There are many means of skin changing, such as salicylic acid skin care method, exfoliating skin method, etc. Skin changing can compare the effect before and after in a short time, but it should be noted that frequent skin changing will make the skin thinner and thinner, and the skin resistance and anti-sensitivity will be reduced. 1. Red wine mask Red wine is derived from grapes, which contains SOD to neutralize free radicals in the body and protect cells from antioxidants. The preparation of the red wine mask is relatively simple. Soak the medical gauze in the red wine for 1 minute, remove and cover the face, and wash off after 15 minutes. In fact, in order to strengthen the effect, you can also add tomato, orange and other juices. However, it should be noted that this method is best used at night, and the orange system has a light-sensitive effect, which will amplify the damage of ultraviolet rays, so it is best to use before going to bed, and turn off the light to sleep after use. 2. Oral Vitamin C Vitamin C is an essential substance for the human body, and because of its water-soluble properties, there is no need to worry about excessive poisoning. When choosing vitamin C, it is best to use capsules or foamed vitamin C, because it has less effect like sugar vitamin C and will be dispersed with the air. 3. Resistance to ultraviolet rays - Sun protection Sun protection is something that must be paid attention to in whitening, and it is also an inevitable problem in skin care. Use sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your bare skin when you go out every day. Use the computer to wear anti-radiation glasses, pay attention to cleaning and rest at regular intervals. 4. After regular exfoliation of the cuticle, many external whitening ingredients can not be absorbed, and the inherent toxins can not be discharged. So you need to exfoliate regularly. 5. Detoxification Chinese medicine beauty pay attention to detoxification, detoxification is the body's metabolic substances through the pores out of the body, in Chinese medicine, the core step of whitening is detoxification. Pure body, and now detoxification mask, sweat steaming method, sports sweating method are detoxification means. There are many whitening skin care products, but the means, methods, ingredients of whitening are the above several, master these, in the process of whitening skin can be handy.