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What details should you pay attention to when purchasing the brand of cookware

2018-01-14 01:36:00

The purchase of household items should not be careless, after all, it is closely related to our lives, so pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing the brand of cookware:


First of all, the quality must pass. If you want to pass the quality, it is necessary to choose products produced by big brands, different from small manufacturers poor workmanship, not beautiful, thin stoves or rough workmanship. However, big brands like Vatti have their own unique research and development technology, humanized design and perfect after-sales service system, which is convenient to use in our lives, and there is no trouble when encountering problems, one can make an appointment for on-site maintenance.


Secondly, although the stove seems to be similar, but one of the doorways has gone big, so the choice must be carefully selected, the thickness of the gas soft, soft and hard, thickness, etc., need to pay attention to, otherwise it will easily lead to problems such as aging air leakage, nameplate, product labeling, corporate information and energy efficiency labels, related to safety can not be ignored.


In addition, it is also necessary to look at the flatness of the stove panel, the thickness of the steel plate on the surface of the stove, and some of the steel plate thickness is thin and easy to deformation. Of course, the panel of tempered glass like Vatti is the best, a gentle rub of oil is gone, durable and wear-resistant, not easy to leave scratches, grooves are less convenient to take care of, looking beautiful.


Finally, of course, is to look at the ignition method, like the Vatti stove is the use of self-developed ignition method, the thermal efficiency is relatively high, can save gas, but also with the flame protection device stove safety is high, when the flame is extinguished by the wind or water, you can automatically cut off the gas. In this way, the cost performance is higher.