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What does the meaning of the crescent moon mean

2018-03-23 03:12:49

A crescent is a form of the moon that has different meanings for different situations. 1. For extensive and profound literature, the crescent represents feminine beauty. 2, for the wanderers from their homes, the crescent represents the missing of their loved ones. 3, for lovers in love with each other, the crescent represents completion. 4, for the people in the war, the crescent represents a valuable. The earliest records of the moon in China appeared in mythology, from the ancient myth of Chang 'e to the moon, Chang 'e was the wife of Houyi, because after taking Yi from the queen mother of the west to obtain the immortal medicine and flew to the moon became immortal, living in the moon above the moon in the cold palace; The myth of Chang 'e flying to the moon makes the Chinese people have a touch of human feeling to the moon, the moon is no longer one of the most shining stars in the sky, but a fairy's residence, there is a moon palace, there are moon rabbits and laurel, people reverie, yearning. People because of the story of Chang 'e flying to the moon, in the era of no light, the partner who accompanied countless people through the long night was more recorded and invented, people found that the moon's gravitational pull can bring the tidal flow of the ocean, the lunar eclipse is regarded as a celestial dog eclipse of the moon, the moon is the most round time every year as the Mid-Autumn Festival.