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What if ads always pop up

2018-03-14 03:12:55

Advertising is always everywhere, especially the software installation, especially the notification information, advertising accounts for the vast majority, too annoying.


Brain power


Device name: Honor 9; Model: STF-AL10; EMUI version: 9.0.1Android version: 9


Notice bar down, you can see a lot of notification information, SMS, software push what are here, but advertising information accounts for the vast majority, especially inside the application installation of many, it is really annoying; How do you turn it off? Look at the top right corner, is there a gear shaped [Settings] button, click it!


Go to Settings, find Notifications, yes, tap it!


After entering the "notification", let's take a look at the first setting item: "Desktop icon corner", yes, or click it! After entering the setting of "Desktop icon corner mark", "corner mark display mode" can choose "digital corner mark" or "dot corner mark"; You can open the "All" button to display all the notification information in one way, or you can selectively open or close the switch after a single application name on the online surface; Select [digital corner label] to display the number of notifications in the upper right corner of the app icon, select [dot corner label] to display a dot in the upper right corner of the app icon, without the number of notifications. TIPS1: When a few applications select [digital corner mark] open, and the rest select [dot corner mark] open, the notification prompt of the application with [digital corner mark] open cannot be seen when the display of [dot corner mark] is opened. When switching to [digital corner mark], the notification prompt of the several open [digital corner mark] can be seen, and the notification prompt of the rest of the application can not be seen. TIPS2: After the previous setting is completed, if the installed application is installed, the Settings are default when the software is installed, or you can enter the re-setting separately. Here is to turn off the advertising information, of course, enter the two [corner logo display methods], and then select the "all" slider left to turn off, and then find the application you need to prompt it, because sometimes we still need some social application prompt information; If the software is installed, re-enter, [all] on and off.


Next we look at [lock screen notification], here is mainly to set the notification information push under the lock screen state, click it, yes! 【 Lock screen Settings 】 There are three options to choose from; 1. [Display all notifications] : In the lock screen state, display all notifications with notification push enabled; 2. [Do not display notification] : In the lock screen state, do not display all notification information, do not turn on notification information push; 3. [Hide notification content] : In the lock screen state, only the number of notifications with notification information push enabled is displayed, but the content is not displayed. This can be selected according to the need, in general we choose 1 or 3, because we still need some application information push.


[More notification Settings] Personal feeling is not very useful, here will not talk about.


The following focus on [notice management], in fact, quite simple; Under the "Notification" there is a "batch", click it to enter; Under the setting item of "Batch Management", you can slide the switch of "all" left and right to set all applications, or slide the switch of an application separately to set. Here, we first left swipe the "All" switch to turn all switches off, and then find the application we need to push notifications to turn on the switch. TIPS: If the app is installed, you need to re-enter the Settings or set the app separately.


Back to the "notification management" Settings, we found that by clicking on the application name below, you can also personalize the application, which includes all the notification Settings of a single application, and you can set them as needed.


After talking so much, we should have a more comprehensive understanding of the [notice], and a reasonable setting of the [notice] can effectively reduce the harassment of advertising information, and even eliminate advertising information.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to notifications when you install the app