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What if the car can't see the left and right corners

2018-04-04 11:12:43

The rearview mirror is crucial for the driver, such as overtaking and changing lanes, as well as reversing, which is to use the rearview mirror.


The driver is different, the visual Angle is different, so when we drive, the first is to adjust their vision and the Angle of the rearview mirror.


If we can't see the left and right corners of the vehicle, then you can try adjusting the height of the rear view mirror and the left and right amplitude according to your field of view.


If the adjustment is still lacking, you can try to adjust the seat of the main driver, because the height of the seat will also have a certain impact.


It should be stressed here that one way is still very useful, is to press a small convex lens on the rearview mirror.


This practice we have seen on many vehicles, many driver friends have installed, this small convex lens can broaden a lot of vision.


As experienced drivers, our mirrors need to be kept clean, as well as door glass clean, so that our vision can be clear and not affected.


Sometimes when the rearview mirror does not give force, we can use the rearview mirror in the car to observe the rear vehicle situation, which can effectively solve the visual blind area.