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What if you can't talk on a date?!

2018-01-05 01:36:00

I can't talk about you mb, this is a woman's subconscious face chat terminator a swear word. You know what a chat summariser is? It's just a chat that doesn't go on. What if we can't keep talking when we're picking up girls. When men are talking, how do we think about the content of the conversation?


A man


A woman


Yeah, we're that direct. We don't beat around the bush. But most of the time when we chat with girls, we don't have a specific chat content, and we don't have a content that we want to talk about. We talk only to maintain feelings with girls or to increase security in order to date, increase pleasure and enhance the relationship. If you've ever witnessed girls talking to each other, you'll notice that they think and say exactly what comes into their heads, and most of the time they don't care about what they ultimately want to talk about. Therefore, the way we draw women's thinking is naturally this curved line. So when girls don't have that little red circle at the back of the picture they can still talk about it, because that dot doesn't matter. On the other hand, as long as we have this kind of curve thinking when chatting with girls, we can continue the topic continuously. So this trick, we teach you to have this kind of curve thinking!


Stream of consciousness chat method The so-called stream of consciousness is to express to follow our consciousness, and to speak is to say what comes to mind. The high school Chinese text "The spot on the wall" is a representative of the stream of consciousness, the author starts from the spot on the wall. To determine on what day the spot was first seen, I remembered the fire in the winter stove, then a bright red flag flying from the castle tower, and finally a flood of red knights riding up the side of the black rock wall. At the same time, the author sees that the spot looks like the mark left by a nail, and thinks that the nail must be a small portrait of a noblewoman, then thinks of the house's former owner, and finally thinks of the villa in the countryside next to it. In addition, the author sees that the spot is too big and round to be like a nail, so he thinks of the mystery of life, the ignorance of mankind, then thinks of what is lost, thinks of the rapid speed of life, and finally thinks of the afterlife... The author also made several imaginings, and each of them eventually came up with many different things. He just saw a snail on the wall as a nail.


This is actually a model for how we talk to girls. M: What small animals have you ever raised? W: No. M: Don't you have any favorite animals? W: I like dogs. Ok, what do you think of when a girl says "she likes dogs"? A. Starting from like: You actually like dogs? B. Starting with Puppies: Did you know? My friend and her boyfriend used to have a teddy, and when I went to visit them, Teddy used to pester me. Unfortunately, they broke up and neither of them wanted to keep Teddy... If it is A, the girl may discuss the advantages of the dog with you: The dog is cute, and it can accompany me all the time. What can you think of at this moment? A1. Start from cute: Do you like huskies very much? The dogs are so cute! A2. From the company: just think of the dog to play with you, but you go to work when the dog is alone, oh a dog at home how boring ah. If it's A1, a girl might talk to you about huskies, or she might talk to you about which dog is cutest. I think huskies are only two, not cute.


What can you think of at this moment? A11: Starting from "not really" : What dog do you think is the cutest? A12: Starting from "two" : two is not cute? Then why do people often say dumb girls are cute? A13: From the "Husky" : Yes, yes, yes, that two. No, it's not cute like you said. I love huskies. In fact, if the husky is not as good as two, it is a standard Wolf! In fact, this is just like men, in front of their favorite girls always "two two", lost the Wolf, in order to be with you these "Samoyed" together. A14: Starting from "cute" : it is two cute ah, I have a friend, his family has been husky. Every day when she came home from work, the Husky came running to meet her, and every day the husky would bump into the legs of the table and yell. Last time I went to her house, I saw this and I cried. You see, it just started talking, didn't it? Well, here I will talk about the three operating points of the stream of consciousness: First, the main point of the operation is to grasp the keywords for association, think of things with girls, and then as the content of your reply. Second, she replies to you a little more words you will reply to a little more, but also give her more keywords to associate, so that you will talk more and more hot. Third, you can grab a keyword to reply, and then grab a keyword to reply. This opens up "multiple threads of dialogue." The most important thing is that when you start talking to a girl and you get emotional, you either have to ask her out and upgrade the relationship immediately, or you have to stop! Also, when you chat, do not use the "ha ha", "oh" and "ha ha" that make girls angry, which is extremely easy to make girls feel that they can't talk. At the same time, do not talk, let the girl feel that she has no room to interrupt, and gradually lose interest in you.

Matters needing attention

Pay more attention to some of the points mentioned above on the line, chatting this kind of thing, skilled water to gather.