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What is Jiang Sisi Chiang Cheng's novel

2018-04-01 16:00:59

Jiang Sisi Jiang Cheng's novel is called "After knowledge". "After Knowing After Feeling" is an urban love novel serialized in Jinjiang Literature City. Novel introduction: Jiang Sisi rubbed his eyes, looked at the eyes show 2:35 in the morning, looked around the bedroom everyone is sleeping, and then turned and put his head into the quilt low voice said. "You should go back and talk about it tomorrow. What's the wind at night?" "I'm not coming back, you come out." Under the catalysis of alcohol, Jiang Cheng's speech also began to stutter. Content excerpt: Blue stream pulled Jiang Sisi came to the school gate of a milk tea. It's lunchtime, and it's getting hot as June approaches. School students are busy lunch break, milk tea in addition to the staff no one. Lanxi ordered two cups of kumquat lemon tea, then found a hidden corner and sat down with Jiang Sisi. Jiang Sisi's eyes are still red, blue brook looked at her like this, raised his hand to touch the back of her hand. "Don't worry, but tell me exactly what happened." Blue stream asked Jiang Sisi. In her impression, Jiang Song has always been a very honest businessman. Jiang family is to do real estate started, in is also a prominent family. Jiang Sisi bowed her head, her voice low: "Someone went to the top to report my father's bribery, and then the discipline inspection commission came to check, and now all the buildings have been shut down." "And Uncle Jiang?" Hear here, blue Creek's face is also a little ugly.