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What is the administrative establishment, the institution establishment and the people's police establishment?

2018-03-23 12:48:56

Many people test the state administrative organs, can not distinguish what is the administrative establishment, the establishment of undertakings, the people's police establishment, today with you to learn


First of all, what is the establishment of the establishment refers to the establishment of the organization and the quota of the number of personnel and the distribution of duties, the amount of financial allocation is formulated by the establishment department at all levels, and the financial department allocates funds accordingly. It is usually divided into administrative establishment and business establishment. In popular terms: The establishment is a kind of distribution system, which enables the establishment personnel to enjoy the priority distribution right of the entire national income. At the same time, it is also a means to control the size of personnel in administrative units or public institutions, control financial costs, divide people into types, impose different treatment and distribution security systems, and divide them into different legal principles. For individuals, the establishment is about equal to the "merit" of the imperial examination. It determines your ultimate development in the system. Offices can be removed, but you have no office. As long as the organization is still in existence, you will retain your fame. You also have the financial support to guarantee your life, the eligibility to play the game at any time, and the social status brought by the organization.


2. Is the administrative establishment civil servants? Of course, it is negative. The administrative establishment refers to the number of staff approved by the establishment management unit for the administrative agency, which is composed of civil servant posts and worker posts. The vast majority of the administrative establishment are civil servants, and some of them refer to the establishment of public institutions, that is, the establishment of public institutions. Simple summary: civil servants must be administrative establishment, administrative establishment is not necessarily civil servants there are some units that do not belong to the sequence also have administrative establishment, these personnel belong to the civil servants in accordance with all treatment and civil servants no difference, such as: local party committees, trade unions, Communist youth League, etc.


3. The difference between the establishment of undertakings and the establishment of administration The establishment of undertakings is controlled by the central government, the establishment of undertakings is controlled by the localities, and the establishment of undertakings is a supplement to the civil servants. If it is the administrative establishment, then you only "go" according to the Civil Service Law; The establishment of undertakings, the situation is complex, which refers to the civil service theory of the public institution salary treatment compared with the administrative organs (civil servants) treatment, that is, according to the rank of the salary. Other business establishment is fixed salary by post, divided into posts, professional and technical posts and work posts. (Post management: Staff level 1 to 10, corresponding to the administrative level of the ministry; Professional and technical positions according to the requirements of the industry to assess the title of doctors and teachers; The personnel of the business establishment can also exchange to the administrative organs as civil servants after taking the leadership post of the sub-section (grade 8 staff), and can also participate in the open selection of party and government leading cadres as leaders.


4. Do you have the opportunity to become a civil servant? Yes, according to the national civil servant transfer regulations: there are two ways to enter the civil service, admission and transfer. The entrance examination is the civil service examination that we take, and the transfer is the transfer from one unit to the civil service, but the transfer has certain requirements, and it must be promoted, not transferred at the same level.


5. What is the people's police establishment? I have looked up the word people's police establishment for a long time without finding an exact explanation, only providing an explanation. The people's police now belong to the civil service establishment, and there is a popular reform of the cadre and personnel system of the People's police mentioned that the police establishment should be separated from the civil service and no longer listed as the administrative establishment. Posts cannot be restricted in the same way as in the general administration, and the position sequence of the Administration should not be adopted. The police force should formulate the position sequence according to the characteristics of the police task, determine the police posts according to the needs of the work task, meet the needs of on-duty preparation, and meet the needs of police leave and rotation training. However, I did not find the official certification of this view, and it was only put forward at the Central Political and Legal Work conference: In accordance with the deployment requirements for deepening the reform of the institutional and administrative systems, we will actively promote the reform of the management system, and strive to solve outstanding problems such as the unscientific team management system, unreasonable force structure, and poor police operation, so as to create a modern police model with flat management, professional construction, and actual operation. Therefore, it is not clear whether the so-called people's police establishment is the civil servant establishment at the present stage or the legendary police establishment is no longer listed as the administrative establishment.