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What is the blind monk's most perfect combo in LOL?

2018-01-08 12:48:00

Blind monk Li Qing has always been a very show hero in LOL, it is not too much to describe him with a dazzling, dazzling, and flower show. As for the blind monk's operation, it can be divided into four levels from simple to difficult. The primary difficulty can be done as long as you practice more, but the top operation requires extremely fast hand speed and strong operating ability. Here is a look at the blind monk have what cool joint move operation!


B-level operation :R flash For R flash this action, many old blind monks are very familiar with, which is basically the basic operation of blind monk players, the advantage of this action is that the enemy can also kick back in the process of movement.


But need to pay attention to the difference between R flash and flash R, before the king of Ning in the match with FPX because flash R miss to let doinb escape, a set of R flash need to stick to the face kick, suitable for the closer situation, of course, R flash who can operate, but when flash is still very content, like Daddy kicked five of this operation, Is the real show of power!


Class A operation: flash W and flash R, flash W also need to be distinguished from W flash, generally speaking, after W touch the eye, because there is an eye action so the opponent is likely to use flash escape, and flash W the whole casting time is faster, the other party is difficult to react, but flash W for hand speed requirements are very high, no extremely fast hand speed this action can only be a joke!


S-level: Air E flash E flash everyone knows, but the air E flash is actually a blind monk in the process of Q skills to release E flash, the whole process is very fast, the same E flash enemy has time to react to choose flash escape, but the air E flash is extremely confusing, the average person can not react quickly in this process, unless the opponent flashed escape before.


SSS level: air R this operation is seemingly simple to do, the whole process requires Q eye to WQR, because Q skills in the air is unable to release any skills, so it is necessary to add a micro exercise in the middle, the use of W skills to touch the eye, in actual combat, this skill needs to be set with the actual phase, not only requires the player's hand speed is very fast, but also needs the opponent to give the opportunity. It's the right place at the right time.


The blind monk hero has infinite possibilities in actual combat due to its excellent mobility, as long as the hand speed is fast enough and the timing is proper, any counter-intuitive operation can be produced, and your favorite friends must practice more.