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What is the final episode of "Can't Kill"

2018-03-12 06:24:28

Can not kill Korean drama finale is the male end live a sword to defeat can not kill, break the curse, back to the modern and female meet again. Male master end live is a 600 years can not kill the immortal body, hidden in the human world, can not kill, can not kill themselves, can only live alone. In this regard, he can only continue to chase after the woman who has been cursed in the past, but has been reincarnated over the years, resulting in the two people repeatedly entangled in love and hate entanglements. Actor Lee Jeong-wook changed from a person 600 years ago to a person who cannot be killed for 600 years, and for him who cannot die, that time is painful. Dozens of times I wanted to die, but I couldn't. The curse of immortality and pain, the unchanging burning of the heart, is a vengeful heart. Losing everything, letting yourself become like this the woman's vengeful heart and the terrible memory of that day remain in the memory as clearly as yesterday. Looking for the woman who is now reincarnated in modern life. Min Sang-woon actress Kwon Nala, a woman who had been dying and reincarnating repeatedly for 600 years and was driven not to kill, this incident happened like an inevitable fate. After experiencing the tragic events of the day when her mother and sister were killed by a monster-like being, only she and her sister survived. Living quietly in hiding with his sister. Names and identities have also changed. To guard against the monster that killed his family again, and finally it came.