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What is the meaning of thunderclouds clapping big hands in the school of third grade flowers

2018-05-14 20:48:20

Thunderclouds clap big hands, surface meaning thunder and lightning; Deep meaning is to welcome the flower children, the original sentence is as follows: "Branches touch each other in the forest, green leaves rustle in the wind, thunderclouds clap big hands", originally refers to contact, collision, but in the text shows the scene when the wind is coming, with thunderclouds clap hands, with branches and leaves side set off, showing the power of the wind. In this sentence, thunderclouds clap hands, anthropomorphic techniques and branches and leaves rustle, side foil, showing the power of the wind is very large, the sky thunder and thunder, the weather is bad, the article adopts anthropomorphic writing techniques, can make the article more vivid and image. When thunderclouds roar in the sky, and June showers fall, the wet walk through the wilderness, whistling in the bamboo forest. Therefore, a group of flowers suddenly ran out from a place no one knew, dancing and reveling on the grass. Mom, I really think those flowers are in an underground school. They do their homework behind closed doors. If they try to play before school, their teacher makes them stand in the corner. When the rain comes, they have a holiday. Branches touched each other in the forest, green leaves rustled in the wind, and thunderclouds clapped their hands. At this time, the flower children dressed in purple, yellow, white clothes, rushed out. Do you know, mother, that their home is in the sky, where the stars live?