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What is the spirit of the Apocalypse

2018-03-19 04:48:00

The soul of all nations is the cornerstone of power as is the soul of the Yuan. Flesh God, the two are also the opening, the body and then grow, but the body more casting body and metamorphic steps, Su Yu casting body increase is particularly outrageous, so the opening of the Zhou Tianshen body of God Wen Tao is not as good as the flesh way. The gap between the two will be equalized when the 99 gods are filled, and in view of the setting of "the more the number of human gods, the stronger the power", the probability that the gods will reverse the superflesh path through geometric growth is also very large. Kaiyuan Realm of cultivation: A total of nine. At the beginning of human cultivation, after opening the nine orificiums (mouth, nose, ears, eyes, purple que, Baihui, 8 orificiums in the head, 1 orificium in the navel), worry geese can absorb vitality and temper the body. Qian Junjing: A total of nine, the main cultivation of the body. Wanshi border: A total of nine. The main cultivation of the body, all stones together nine orifices, complete is all stones nine. Fly into the sky: A total of nine, begin to cultivate the will (human civilization teacher forge the will first, once the will has emerged, one day from Qianjun into the air). Fighters cast flesh in the air, and each time they finish casting flesh, their power increases by about 10%. Border: A total of nine, stepping on the cloud and not landing. Mountain and sea: a total of nine, split the mountains and sea. Sun and Moon: A total of nine. Mountains and seas, can see the sun and moon, called "top strong". Merge the way: walk the way of others, just blend some. Eternity: Nine segments. After the sun and moon, it is eternal, called "invincible strong". The true Eternal State needs to make its own way, comparable to the United State. (At present, the invincible Terrans are all successful in the aspect of the warrior path (physical), and no one is successful in the aspect of the civilized teacher). He Tao Jing: A total of six levels. Follow someone else's path and blend in to a certain extent. Nowadays, the half emperor who is recognized by the heaven and the world is in this realm. Dadao (Master of Rules) : There are five levels. Rules can be set.