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What is the true identity of Shangguan Qinglan in Red Fox

2018-03-27 12:48:54

Red fox Shangguan Qinglan is Juntong into the New Fourth Army correspondent, but she did not harm the new Fourth Army. At the beginning of 1945, due to special military needs, the New Fourth Army secretly formed a team composed of five beautiful agents to carry out our secret mission Red Fox operation. This is a team full of charm, they were born in the water town between the bridge water, in order to the national justice they were ordered in danger, weekdays like daffodils like girls to cheongsam dress as a cover, strange identity unpredictable mysterious identity. Expanded information pool North Pole spy identity has been fully exposed, south cloud son in order to protect his security, secretly took it to a abandoned work, an unknown intelligence, ready to let the pool North Pole thirty-six plan to go on, but inadvertently was Nakano learned of the situation. So he told the intelligence flower purple month let her tell the task force, so the task force decided to hoe traitors, please Rong Xiang Jun help, soon the traitor pool North Pole shot, Shen Yue E in order to protect Wu Yue male sacrifice, flee south cloud son also died in the task force under the gun. The superiors decided to move the radio out of the enemy zone immediately. Matsui transferred a large number of Japanese encircled task force, task force in the evacuation, Shangguan has been restored to the national army identity. Superior orders, officers escorted the station to leave. In order to cover the evacuation of the radio car, the task force and He Yan launched a fierce blocking operation against the Japanese army. The New Fourth Army task force in the completion of a series of major and special pearl mission, in addition to Shangguan Qinglan, finally all heroic sacrifice. He Yan, Wang Decai, Yu Hui, Sarina, Wu Yuenan and other heroic martyrs.