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What method to pimple print best

2018-04-11 14:24:05

When pimples are festering, do you have the urge to squeeze out the grains of rice inside? If so, please stop. Although you look at the "heart" of the pimple is strangled by your own hands, it is very enjoyable, but it will make the pimple appear irregular rupture state, followed by irregular scars. Therefore, do not squeeze acne randomly, you can use acne special drugs to reduce inflammation and swelling, shorten the inflammation time of acne, reduce the probability of acne scar formation. If you have poor self-control, then you can use acne special stickers to stick on the acne, not only to prevent picking, but also to absorb oil and excess tissue fluid. Wipe away sweat and wash thoroughly. Especially in spring and summer, when sweating not only takes away the salt on the body, but also mixes with makeup, foundation, and dirt on the face, blocking the pores on the face, causing the skin metabolism to slow down, and acne is easy to burst. Therefore, if external conditions permit, it is necessary to wipe the sweat on the face in time, and choose a deep facial cleanser to remove oil after returning home to wash all the excess oil, makeup, and dirt to ensure that the pores are smooth. Exfoliate regularly. Cuticle is the product of skin metabolism, if not cleaned up in time, it is easy to block pores, acne and acne, which is the root of acne scars, we must pay attention to. Drink at least 8 glasses of 200ml a day. Starting from getting up in the morning, drink a glass of water before eating, which helps to cleanse the intestine and detoxify, and drink no less than 7 cups of water after that to ensure that the body is not short of water. Must defecate, refuses to stay up late. Defecation every day is very important for excreting toxins from the body, and you can also do half an hour of aerobic exercise to let toxins out of the sweat glands. The most important thing is not to stay up late, otherwise, it is easy to accumulate toxins and break out acne. Select honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum, calendula, conditioning Chinese herbal acne conditioning liquid, not only acne without trace, but also can increase the resistance of the skin, but also your skin healthy, white, fine and smooth, while astringent pores, adjust the balance of oil.