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What should couples watch movies together?

2018-03-23 04:48:49

It's not unusual for couples to watch a movie together. But such ordinary things, we should also take seriously, a little inattentive, it is likely that a good thing can become a bad thing. Not only affect the mood of two people, but also cause unnecessary emotional harm between two people. So, what do couples need to pay attention to when watching movies together?

~ Happy ~ is important

Usually we go to the movies will choose a better time, of course, other people are the same, so it will lead to this time of the movie tickets difficult to buy, and even if you buy it is relatively close to the side or back position. Therefore, once we make up our mind to see a movie, we should book the movie tickets we want to see online in advance, so as not to miss the good seats.


I have seen such a situation: a couple happily went to the cinema to watch a movie, but when they got to the cinema, they found that there were many good movies to watch, so they had an argument, and the result was that the two people broke up because of different opinions. This tells us that when we go to the movies together, we want to be happy and accompany each other, there is no need to argue about what movie to watch. As boys, we should take the initiative to be humble and respect women's opinions. You can also watch her favorite movie this time and watch your favorite movie next time. In fact, to put it bluntly, it doesn't matter which movie you see!


Prepare some food and drink When most couples go to the cinema to watch a movie, they will not buy nothing, just sit there and watch the movie, they will choose to buy some popcorn and drink, and use it to argue during the process. Or if you're hungry, you can eat it. So as not to affect the mood of two people watching the movie because of hunger or no food to mix.


Keep quiet in the movie theater After the movie officially starts, we should remember to adjust our own mode to vibration mode or silent mode, so as to avoid affecting other people's watching the movie. In addition, during the movie, be sure to keep quiet and do not communicate loudly or argue, so as not to cause dissatisfaction from other moviegoers.


When many couples watch movies in the movie theater, whenever they see more touching or exciting pictures, they will be driven by the plot of the movie and make some actions that affect others' viewing. Seeing the moving picture, the girl will cry more than, sobbing loudly; Or when seeing a larger picture, the couple will hold together to do some more private actions. These will affect the viewing effect of the back row and the next person, so should be avoided as much as possible!


Everyone knows that when watching a movie, the lights in the venue will basically be turned off, and the light of the screen is not very strong, coupled with the huge sound in the movie, it is difficult for someone to notice the small actions of the pickpocket, a little inattentive, their money will be taken away by the thief. Therefore, when watching a movie, you should put your bag or property in the middle of two people as much as possible with your body to touch it, when others start to you, you can immediately detect, to avoid the loss of property.


Many movie theaters are on high floors of large shopping malls, and when the movie ends, people quickly leave the viewing hall to line up for the elevator. Since everyone has this awareness, there must be a lot of people crowded outside after the movie, so we should not go to this lively. Couples, leave early and leave late is the same, the most important thing is that two people stay together happy. Letting others go first is not only a moral comity, but also a consideration for the protection of their own personal and property safety!


Watching a movie is a mood, if because of some small things and affect the mood, it is not worth the loss!

Matters needing attention

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Watching movies is to adjust the mood, happy is the most important!


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