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What should electric sightseeing vehicles pay attention to on the highway

2018-04-12 11:12:46

In some special places, we will use more or less sightseeing vehicles to operate electric sightseeing vehicles. So how to drive properly on the highway?


In order to ensure the safety of the people on the car, we need to make the bus have a very good safety performance, whether it is the steering situation of the car or her one braking situation, etc., should have a better working condition, which also requires our staff to carry out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of each component before driving.


This information comes from experience


When the driver of the vehicle completes the operation of the electric sightseeing car, he needs to concentrate on his energy and drive carefully. If the staff feel tired, they can let others drive instead of themselves, because although it is a sightseeing car, it can not have the situation of fatigue driving. The driver is not allowed to catch or fight while driving, and is not allowed to watch TV.


If the day is rainy and snowy weather or there is fog, in order to operate the electric sightseeing car well, we need to turn on the car's danger alarm light and the front and rear lights and fog lights, and the speed of the driving needs to be controlled. And we drivers have excessive deceleration action and acceleration behavior when driving the vehicle.