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What should I pay attention to before drinking alcohol

2018-04-23 11:12:58

Only "temperance to protect the liver", but not "alcohol to protect the liver" because of this, many alcohol products in the publicity have highlighted the concept of "liver", "alcohol to protect the liver tea", "alcohol to protect the liver tablets" and so on came into being. Many people who need to socialize regularly have tried "liver relief" products, hoping to relieve the burden on the liver through this method. "Do not know not to use, anyway, I feel that eating is better than not eating", this is their common mentality. But experts say that long-term excessive drinking is bound to harm the liver. Moreover, liver damage is irreversible, and there is no drug that can restore it. Therefore, there is only the saying of "drinking and protecting the liver", and it is impossible to "cure the alcohol and protect the liver". The concept of "curing alcohol and protecting the liver" only caters to the psychological needs of long-term excessive drinkers. According to reports, "cure alcohol and protect the liver" products are mostly formulated with Chinese medicine, but according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, protecting the liver is a long-term process, and the medication needs to be symptomatic. Some people are liver Yin deficiency, some people are liver fire, medication is not the same. However, many of these products are marked with "suitable for all kinds of liver injury people" on their promotional introduction, and the application of such a wide range of people precisely shows that it is not scientific. Alcoholic liver disease can be divided into mild alcoholic liver damage, alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic liver fibrosis and alcoholic cirrhosis according to the degree of long-term drinking. Once alcoholic cirrhosis is developed, primary liver cancer may also be complicated. Moreover, people who already have chronic hepatitis B and C are more likely to develop alcoholic liver disease. People who drink too much for a long time, if vomiting, right upper abdominal pain, or jaundice, fever and other symptoms, and found that the liver is swollen, you have to pay attention to whether you have acute alcoholic hepatitis. If the abdomen is gradually swollen, the lower limbs are edema, and the face is gradually thin and yellow, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is already alcoholic cirrhosis. Sometimes a completely asymptomatic person may have liver tissue that is predisposed to chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis. Therefore, people who drink alcohol for a long time should pay attention to regular liver function tests. Precautions Before drinking alcohol The best way to prevent drunkenness is to eat some meat before drinking, or drink milk, and use the non-digestible nature of fat in food to protect the stomach to prevent alcohol from penetrating the stomach wall. Do not drink on an empty stomach or drink soda, soda and wine together, which will speed up the absorption of alcohol in the stomach without protection, so that the liver is too late to detoxify, and the alcohol concentration is increased, resulting in drunkenness (targeted cell regeneration therapy can be used to treat alcoholic liver). Although strong tea and coffee have certain excitatory and waking effects, the diuretic effect of coffee and theophylline may aggravate the body's water loss during acute alcoholism, and it is toxic to the kidneys. The excitability of coffee and theophylline can increase the burden of the heart and the stimulation of the gastric mucosa by alcohol. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use coffee and tea to cure alcohol and prevent alcoholic liver.