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What should I put in my disaster preparedness kit?

2018-03-28 06:24:40

As the earth continues to warm today, we are no longer unfamiliar with the term "abnormal weather". Earthquakes, mudslides, tsunamis, downpours, etc. We must clearly realize that we are now "dependent on each other" with the severe natural environment. We should be fully prepared for this.


Any backpack will do, it is best to use the idle rucksack as a disaster emergency kit. The family can each have one bag.


Emergency food is most important, such as drinking water, glucose, nuts, dry bread, instant noodles, canned fruit, milk, etc


Medicine. Medicines for external wound: Band-Aids, alcohol, iodophor, gauze, bandages, etc. Analgesics: aspirin, ibuprofen, safflower oil, etc. Oral medicine: Pramine, Shedan Chuanbei liquid, morphine, etc., depending on the situation of their family members.


Daily necessities. Such as lighters, matches, toilet paper, towels, fans, gloves, raincoats, daggers, tableware, clothing, charging treasure, sanitary napkins, flashlights, watches, cash and so on. Taking into account the need to escape, control the weight of the backpack according to the situation, it is best that the items in each family member's backpack are different.

Matters needing attention

It is best to keep your backpack in a place where you can take it out at any time


As people took shelter outdoors after the disaster, there was a need to prevent theft of personal belongings. It is best to prepare clothes with more pockets in the bag, so that valuables are safer and more convenient.