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What should OCD family do

2018-04-24 08:00:34

By the time many children are about 9 years old, they will show a tendency to be quite strict and demanding, and they are often in a state of tension. You probably recall this behavior from your childhood, most commonly asking yourself to step through every crack in the sidewalk, which makes no sense at all, but you're superstitious about doing it.


Similar examples include touching every three bars to get some form of even number, and saying a few specific words before entering the door. If you think you've made a mistake, you rigorously go back to what you think is exactly right and start over.


Ocd may be a way for children to relieve anxiety. One cause of anxiety may be a child's inability to acknowledge hostile feelings toward the parent. The underlying motivation for OCD may be reflected in a childhood catchphrase: "Step on a crack, mom's back hurts."


This information comes from experience


Every man sometimes has feelings of hostility towards those closest to him, but the thought of actually harming them disturbs his conscience and he wants to rid himself of these thoughts. If a person's conscience becomes too harsh, then even if he has successfully played down these bad thoughts, his conscience will continue to disturb his emotions.


I don't know why, but he still feels guilty. He will be more careful, more careful to do some meaningless things, so that his conscience will be comforted. Walking on the sidewalk, he would step across every crack he encountered, and so on. The child is prone to compulsive behavior at age 9, not because his mind is more evil, but because at this stage of development, his conscience makes him more demanding of himself. END

Matters needing attention

Mild compulsive behavior is so common in children around the age of 9 that most of us think of it as normal. If the child has mild compulsive behavior, must cross over the cracks, etc., then as long as they are happy, enthusiastic and cheerful, and do well in school, there is no need to worry.