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What tools can be used to make the nine palace diagram? How to make nine palace pictures?

2018-04-06 03:12:16

Often see the nine palace diagram sent by others, feel very funny, I do not know how to make, the following method is very simple to make nine palace diagram


1. Open the small program, and then search in the small program Jiugong grid picture production


2. Choose the first one see the figure above, and then go into the program after a few (like nine grids, nine grids of love, nine grids of text, nine grids of jigsaw, together with the growth of these) select the first nine grids on it


3, and then enter as to start selecting pictures


4. Then choose the picture you need to make, and finish it after choosing it, so it is OK


5, so the nine grid picture is completed, of course, if you do not want to make nine grid, you can also choose four grid is also possible

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