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What's a good gift for a girl? 10 creative gifts recommended!

2018-03-20 20:48:37

When I was in college, the cost of living was very abundant, the small life was quite moist, and I had to learn others to engage in objects, and then I found that my pockets were empty. But the holiday also have to say that, so, to send the object a cost-effective, and pleasing gift has become my small plan. In the end, what is good, by describing a few of the gifts I have sent, and the feedback of the gifts received by the sister, I think everyone can understand this "good".


DIY hand-scraped painting Once visited a friend's house and saw a lot of framed landscape paintings hanging on the walls of others. Because my friend likes Chinese painting, I thought that she painted them all by herself, who knew that they were designed by others and she scraped them out, but she needed to trace them very carefully. You don't say, this is not simple and not difficult DIY, but also very pass the time, make a cup of tea, pick up a pen, desk one afternoon, framed, hung on the wall, a very sense of accomplishment. Price: 18.5RMB


Small humidifier girls, generally love to clean, if all like some boys desktop mess, socks and underwear wash together, it is estimated that you will not look at ha ha ha. Whether in the dormitory, at home or on the desk, everyone likes to see the rules and orderly, of course, there is such a wisp of air, and +100 points. You know, girls are more rational, more pragmatic, and more cosmetically oriented than you think. First of all, the silent design will not be disturbed in daily study and work, which is very nice. Secondly, the function of humidification is generally liked by girls, who doesn't like the day running water running? Then, the minimalist wind plus cactus shape, the appearance level gives people a bright, put the first is not wrong. Price: 59 RMB A treasure: Youyouli


Creative Milk Bottle light Don't worry, there's no melamine here, it's just a lamp that looks like milk. Cute milk bottle, people can not help but hold in the arms, even if it is a man of eight meters, the heart is cute to the transformation. Girls tell you that she has a cold, in addition to letting people drink hot water, you can buy medicine to send to her hand, personally write a line of warm small words on the milk cup, sometimes, actions are always better than words. Price: 59 RMB


Multifunctional makeup mirror this gift girlfriend has been using, used to love to put cosmetics here and there, may be influenced by the artistic style of makeup mirror, and now the late OCD, do not line up do not give up fast annoy me... There is a mirror, the edge of the mirror has a fill light, the back has an atmosphere light, it is warm to open, charging. Literary style is full, but also practical, is the Qingming Festival to send girlfriend this will not be scolded! This is very Amway is it, haha, in the end, Chinese women are beautiful in white, a beautiful makeup mirror will make her more confident, and every time will think of "this is my husband bought me, love her to death hee hee hee", or that sentence, women are emotional. Oh, by the way, I like all three colors, as far as boys are concerned. Price: 179 RMB A treasure: Youyouli


Pink Panther net red doll like Peppa Pig, the animated role of the pink panther, suddenly on fire, and then a variety of star net red show photos, in fact, I send girls a plush toy is very resistant, naive! But considering all the girls vying for pictures, maybe the girls will like it, and then start. Did not expect, did not expect, after receiving I have three must say: 1, pink, lovely to die, everyone's little princess must like it; 2. Taller than me! I bought it 6 '8 ", this guy is thin, standing straight and half a head taller than me, which really pisses me off; 3, the material feels super comfortable, there is anti-counterfeiting, everyone pay attention to avoid black cotton choose genuine! Price: 28-178 RMB (55-180 cm)


In fact, as early as the wife asked me whether to drink their own juice, I still like to milk tea feel that they are very troublesome. At that time, in order to fight over this problem, in fact, ah, boys feel trouble, to the girl, she will be happy to personally give you a cup of love juice, girls are emotional. Every girl has a weight loss dream, basically love to eat fruit, these commonalities tell you that people have long wanted this stuff, did not expect you to be so careful, sent to her hands, of course, a certain bear juicer, every two or three thousand dollars, buy people are really stupid money, I do not pick, but buy what all the pursuit of a cost-effective, this price is close to the people, 10 seconds juice, Charged to anywhere can be used, especially in the dormitory, will not appear so bloated. Price: 168 RMB A treasure: Youyouli


HelloKitty nano spray water refill meter when junior high school like a girl (just talk to you, don't Sue my daughter-in-law!) The girl super likes kitty, college talk about girls, also super like, I really feel that girls all over the world like this cat, but remember not to buy pirated copies. Also don't underestimate the girl's aesthetic, a good gift, the level of appearance must have, but if it is not practical, it is better not to send. For example, if the girl is a teenager, you send a kitty plush toy, key chain is fine, if the girl is college or even work, you send a toy, it is estimated that the girl will jump up and slap you, haha! A real shot of a gift that can give a girl's heart must be related to makeup. I roughly know the role of the moisturizer, anyway, it is good for the skin, make people look watery, makeup before and after it seems to be very needed. However, this model is not only cute, but also can be 2200 mah charging treasure, as a water refill meter charging treasure Kitty cat pink cute thing that can easily fit into the girl's bag, I thought about it all night did not think there are any shortcomings! Price: 119-288 yuan (the expensive one is kitty gift box)


If you're worried about your girlfriend staying up sick and just lying awake at night, try this practical and fun gift. This I have a bed, there is a period of night often insomnia, lying down at 12 o 'clock, 2 o 'clock to fall asleep, very uncomfortable! Then bought back their own use, 15 minutes or so, those quicksand will completely cover the light, anyway, I think it is very magical, and then sleep well as a display, also pretty good. Price: 128 RMB A treasure: Youyouli


Zhaocai cat crystal Ball University, once a former girlfriend in Guanyin Bridge shopping, there is a special small jewelry, we went for a long time, what perfume seat, hanging ornaments, bracelets, etc. are Zhaocai cat series, cute dead! Just was too poor to buy anything, and then even after breaking up, it became a meme in my heart, I believe that many girls have no resistance to this cute thing, so send it must be right. Fortune cat originated in Japan, is regarded as a kind of fortune mascot, this is inadvertently seen on the Internet, itself is cute, plus shake after the "gold powder family" special effects, fried chicken like (ready to send a wife this year Tanabata), oh the genuine packaging is really nice! Price: 119RMB


If the budget is more than 200 yuan, the gift must be a flower, but I personally do not recommend flowers, sent roses all know, fresh when good looking, 7 days will die, every day to change the water is very smelly. Therefore, this kind of ritual gift is better to choose some exquisite. Simple science popularization, like this imported eternal flowers, materials are fresh roses, using a special process to make sure that five or six years will not fade, high imitation a lot, do not seek cheap bad things ah, the lesson of the main blood, the broken T-shirt became an old stalk, old say I am stingy, haha, she is happy. I gave this gift to my girlfriend on Valentine's Day in my senior year, and I asked two friends to help me put the candles. My girlfriend directly cried and caught me off guard. Yes, there was no guard and no concern. Price: 298 RMB A treasure: Youyouli

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