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What's good on the street

2018-03-24 09:36:42

Almost every dish in the rice can drink authentic sweet foam, one yuan per bowl, oil spin, 50 cents a can also eat authentic Shandong cuisine. There are a lot of home food on the street, but remember not to go to the first one, it is very bad. There is also a good rice noodles, in the opposite of the Liangliang noodle restaurant, it seems to be called Zhao's rice noodles, from 4 yuan to 100 yuan, in fact, 4 yuan is very delicious. There are several old ladies made leek cake is also particularly delicious, 1 piece 5 a. Then there is lotus leaf rice, Qin town rice dough. Rou Jia mo, rice dough, iced plum juice are all good, and very cheap. Rice noodles, meat skewers, durian crisp snacks (3 yuan each), egg tarts (1.5 yuan each) ------- and so on are very delicious. I go there often, especially the durian crumble is very good