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What's the best sunscreen?

2018-01-15 08:00:00

Want to know what the best sunscreen is? Then read my introduction! Method/Steps 1 Best Known sunscreen Series 1: Focus on "Lightness." A light sunscreen with thin liquid, easy to push and low gloss is right for them. 1. Clinique cityblock Sunscreen SPF25, without PA40ml, 250 RMB 2. Duke Sunscreen SPF20, no PA90ml, 200 yuan 3.KP Cream SPF30, PA++ 23g, 210 yuan 4.DARPHIN Difan Active Sunscreen Lotion SPF1550ml600 yuan Large "oil field" select umbrella oil MM select sunscreen, the first level 2 The best word of praise sunscreen series 2: Mixed muscle to polish mixed muscle is the most difficult to serve, dry place to burst skin, oil reflective place, look skin is always uneven. Therefore, we recommend sunscreen with a certain amount of polish to improve skin color and texture. Lazy people can also skip the step of applying foundation, killing two birds with one stone! SofinaVeryveryUVcutSPF24, PA++ 30 ml, 2 270 yuan Lancome dual isolation milk SPF50, PA++ + 30 ml, 425 yuan 3. ChanelMulti - protectiveSPF25, PA + 30 ml, AQUA SPF287, without PA60ml,128 yuan 5. Shiseido Sunny Summer SPF30, PA+++100ml, RMB 280 6.DARPHIN Divan Activating Sunscreen Lotion SPF1550ml600 RMB 3 The Best Word of Mouth sunscreen Series 3: Not too delicate, but very refreshing easy to apply 1.DARPHIN Divan Revitalization Sunscreen Lotion SPF1550ml600 yuan 2.HR Universal Sunscreen Lotion SPF40, PA+++30ml, 480 yuan 3. Diorsnow SPF50, No PA++50ml, RMB550ml 5.Clarins SPF20,PA++50ml, DiorSnow SPF50, No PA++50ml, 6.EA Herbal Atmospheric Cream SPF15, no PA50ml, 410 yuan 4 Each sunscreen has its own different characteristics, but I advise you to choose MM, in addition to choosing their own skin color, but also remember to choose the best sunscreen.