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What's the difference between a mountain bike and a station wagon?

2018-03-02 09:36:00

Mountain bikes: Mountain bikes are suitable for a variety of complex road conditions. The body is strong, the control is flexible, the tires are wide, the passability is good, the speed can be changed, the tire rough grip is good for off-road, the overall strength of the mountain bike is large, the impact resistance is strong, the riding is more comfortable, and it is not easy to damage when compared with other bicycles. Suitable for use: mountain race, challenge yourself, cycling environment: mountain, forest road, a variety of road conditions. Station wagon: Evolved from mountain bikes, specially designed for long distance travel, emphasizing riding comfort, using a frame similar to road cars but strengthened, both light and non-shock-absorbing, road rim, but with slightly wider fine-grained tires, butterfly handlebars, with better comfort, a wider seat, mountain gear kits, fenders, front and rear luggage racks, There are hangers, high-end also use disc brakes, generally no self-locking, equipped with at least two kettle racks, suitable for long-distance riding. However, the station wagon is too heavy, poor climbing and downhill performance, lack of sense of movement, fixed riding posture, unable to force, that posture can only be slowly and leisurely riding. Station wagons put more emphasis on comfort, while mountain bikes put more emphasis on rough terrain. Suitable for use: If used for long-distance riding, it is recommended to choose the station wagon, because the positioning of the station wagon is long-distance riding, compared with mountain bikes, more light and comfortable, higher than the body strength and body strength of road vehicles, usually use popular accessories, easy to maintain, objective load function, can adapt to most terrain, and easy to install riding safety accessories, comfortable grip.