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What's the difference between cheap glasses and high-end glasses?

2018-03-04 00:00:00

Is there really such a big quality gap between glasses, and where are the expensive glasses? If you don't consider the brand and fashion factors, just from a health point of view, these cheap glasses will not have a bad effect on eyesight?


First: Brand A brand to be widely recognized requires a lot of money to be invested in advertising, slowly accumulated to achieve, this part of the investment will be converted into a part of the price. So the most expensive operating expense is promotion.


Second: the design is in the need of maintaining the brand image, big-name glasses are generally particularly fine in terms of workmanship, decorative details, etc., independent designer brand products, designers' efforts and creativity not only beautify the decorative glasses, in order to create the "high-end" image of the product, but also improve the comfort and convenience of wearing, which will also occupy a larger share in the price.


Third: good material lens optical performance is good, poor lenses may have impurities, the refraction of light is not good enough, have damage to the eyes, which is the same principle as a good camera lens expensive (people who do not understand will feel: Are just a piece of glass, why buy tens of thousands), and good lenses also have anti-ultraviolet, anti-blue function, lens refractive index will be higher, and lens wear resistance is good, high reduction, so wear expensive lenses also use longer.


Fourth: The process not only determines the degree of refinement of the appearance of the glasses, but also the level of processing technology of the frame determines the accuracy of the matching glasses. Poor quality frame, no matter how good the lens can not guarantee the accuracy of the parameters of the glasses, and the actual parameters of the lens may gradually change under the stress generated by the frame.


Fifth: No matter how good the optometry and lens processing technology is, without accurate optometry parameters and accurate processing technology, the glasses made are still unqualified. So far, the accuracy of optometry in addition to the necessary equipment, a good optometrist is also necessary, not a computer can be competent. Some famous optometrists will also patiently ask guests about any details of the eyes, which is more professional and accurate.