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What's the ending of the four wives

2018-03-12 03:12:25

The details are as follows: 1, big wife: big wife Gu Xinlan ending, sorry sunset, Gu Xinlan found small by eloping with wood water, in a hurry, actually fell down the stairs, resulting in hemiparalysis. Zhong Zhuo Wan at this time to wake up and feel that he has been left and right, cold big wife, even if the wish of Gu Xinlan just want to Zhong Zhuo Wan to accompany themselves to see the sunset also failed to do. To complete the big wife's wish, Zhong Zhuo Wan and sitting in a wheelchair Gu Xinlan watch the sunset, unexpectedly, this is Gu Xinlan's last sunset. 2, the second wife: and Qi Rihui went to the UK, but did not admit that they are lovers. 3, the third wife: Yi Yifang, lonely, suffer Zhuo Wan cold Fang can not help but heart lonely, seduce by small refused wood water, two people have a one-night stand. Zhuo Wan found his wife cheating behavior, determined to divorce, Yi Fang for the custody of two children, not hesitate to go to court with Zhuo Wan, to fight for the rights and interests of women in society at that time. 4, fourth wife: pregnant back, Zhong Zhuo Wan to find her, the two people finally together. Series finale: Everyone saw Zijun was pregnant, all ask Zijun who is the father of the child, Zijun remained silent, Zhuo Wan also did not say anything. Zijun said he was busy for the women's rights movement, and later will be with the nuns to promote related activities, Zijun refers to Zhuo Wan in the anti-maidservant movement during the preparation of work, invited Zhuo Wan to start work together, for the welfare of women workers. Everyone looked forward to a reply from Chowan, but Chowan said that he had just been elected as a Member of the Legislative Council, and he was busy with his business and had urgent things to do in Hong Kong, so he could not leave Hong Kong; Zijun disappointed, the clock family is also disappointed. Dinner, Qi Shen saw family or a pair, or mother kindness filial piety, alone alone alone, not without emotion. But he can only think of small by the moon, and do not know where small by the body. Complain Zhuo Wan ignore - Fifi accompanied the son of jun go together, ask her whether she decided not to tell Zhuo wan fetus, the son of jun refers to Zhuo Wan knowing that she is his flesh and blood, but ignore. Feifei said Zhuo wan is not ignore zijun, refers to Zhuo wan said to her urgent things to do, thousands of ding million told Feifei take good care of zijun. Zijun thinks that nothing is more important than his children, referring to Zhuo Wan still can not put down the power. Zijun is handing out leaflets outside the church, and a little boy brings her a box. When she opens it, she finds all the newspaper clippings of Zhuo Wan's successful fight for the passage of the marriage bill, and women can file for divorce from now on.