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What's the name of the second Death Mine

2018-03-13 20:48:00

There's no second Death Mine. Death Mine is an action film directed by Steven Schell and starring Miki Mizuno and Ario Paio. The film tells the story of a quest to find gold. Content introduction: During the Second World War, with the title of "Malay tiger" Japanese southern operations commander Yamashita Fengwen had been all-powerful in Southeast Asia, during the war he was in the local money. With the surrender of Japan, the "Yamashita Gold" that has always been missing has also become the object of treasure hunters. On this day, Warren, the father-in-law of a company president, lands on an Indonesian island with Japanese scholar Rie (Miki Mizuno) and former British soldier Stanley (Sam Hazeldine). He had obtained a map from Sumatra, and the signs on the map convinced him that the "gold under the mountain" was hidden on the island. Although protected by local mercenaries, they were suddenly attacked by a group of unidentified soldiers. Panicked, the explorers took refuge in the Japanese base, which was under the satellite control of Unit 731. In the deep locked for half a century underground maze, waiting for this group of people will be unprecedented terror