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What's Zone one, Zone two, Zone three

2018-04-09 09:36:13

Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, and Zone 4 are the divisions of sci journals. There are two types of sci journals, one is the jcr partition, the other is the Chinese Academy of Sciences partition, the two types of partitions are very similar, are divided into four areas, the standard of the partition is also the impact factor of the journal, as for the difference between journals in different areas, the obvious difference is that these four areas are sorted according to the impact factor from high to low. Whether it is a region of the jcr region or a region of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as long as it is a region of the journal, are internationally well-known academic journals, this part of the journal is very difficult to publish, and not anyone can publish, for ordinary authors, it is very difficult, not to mention the article is difficult to write. There may be a threshold for authorship. The second region journals are second only to the first region journals, and the authors of the second region journals are relatively more published, at present, some standards clearly require the publication of journals in the second region and above, so the second region is the first choice of many authors, the second region journals are slightly less difficult to publish, but also depends on the specific disciplines and specific journals, the general rule is that the second region journals are easier than the first region journals. The difficulty of publishing journals in the three regions and four regions will be lower, but there is a little controversy in the three regions and four regions journals, because of the mandatory requirements mentioned above, some units and universities do not recognize the journals below the two regions, therefore, many authors will think that the three regions and four regions journals are not worth publishing, no publication value, in fact, for most ordinary authors.