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When it comes to love, each sign has its own soft spot

2018-03-31 16:00:33

Sun or rising Aries impulsive personality, behavior careless Aries, in the face of love, they are always happy, they think that two people together unhappy what is the use? So the sheep always think of love too simple, but in action they will do a lot of things. They don't know that something needs to be said. Most of the time, the sheep can not understand the other half's ideas, it is because they are really too thick, resulting in them to lose a lot.


The sun or rising seat of people in the face of love is very bad at expression, many times their ideas do not know how to tell the other half to listen, do not know how to coax each other happy. This will easily make the other half feel very boring. Although they are said to be suitable for marriage, it is because they are very planned and stable. But in fact, the most do not know is to take the initiative, is always waiting for love.


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Sun or rising Leo Lions in the feelings of the other half will not hide too much emotion, happy or not happy are written on the face. Lions are leaders, not in life or in relationships. They do not understand that the relationship is two people together respect each other, they have difficulty in empathy, always think that their own is the most thoughtful idea. You should learn to think more from your partner's point of view, so that love can last a long time. Sun or Rising Virgo Virgo is the most conservative of the twelve signs, in their world, everything is perfect. Not in life, work, study or in love, they all like to see everything the most real, the most sincere. But in this way, they will hurt others. They also desire happiness, but it always comes late, so virgins are always trying to fail and hurt.


The Sun or rising Libra don't have to weigh everything because they don't want either side to be treated unfairly. The most difficult thing for them to weigh is the balance between love and friendship. They often emphasize friendship and neglect love, and when the lovers show dissatisfaction, they don't know how to solve it. If you let Libra put aside friendship to hold love, then they can't do it. Libra is so tired, but it is like eating dazzling mai, can not stop! Sun or Rising Scorpio When Scorpios meet love, they become less sharp, as if love has softened them all. They like people who make their feelings detailed. When they think you are true love, they will take good care of you and cherish everything and the other half. While working hard, they sincerely pay their love, so it is easy for others to think that this is fake love. But it doesn't matter, because Scorpio believes that love is a matter of two people, so it is not the evaluation and vision of others.


Sagittarius this life is after one thing, that is freedom, they more desire the freedom of love, do not like to be tied down. They hope that there will be exciting feelings in love, do not want to spend the day quietly, to be a person who has pursuit. Therefore, the requirements of the other half of the archer is not to be able to bundle themselves, so that there is freedom in love, and can love adventure with them. But it is too difficult to find the right one, and the archer will always choose to leave love for freedom, only to regret it later. Capricorn people are like workaholics, they do not need love, they want their love to be based on material, so that they can feel a sense of stability in love. So in Capricorn's love, they are more stable and realistic, but less beautiful and romantic. They know that love like this is hard to find. But they are not afraid, quietly waiting for their love.


Aquarius people in the brain as if there is another space, they are not in life or love are very independent, is a said to go go said to stay people, this is the unique personality of the water bottle, no one can completely guess the water bottle. Relationships are only a part of life for Aquarius, not everything. They have a lot to accomplish, and they won't let their feelings get in the way. The sun or rising Pisces like romantic fish, in love also requires romantic life, they are too courageous, and finally it is easy to become a slave of love, led by the nose of love. In the face of love, it is easy for fish to lose their way, as if love is all that is left in their life. Most of the time, they pay too much attention to their personal feelings, which is easy to lead some people to take advantage of this weakness to take advantage of fish.