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Where can I buy condoms?

2018-02-22 14:24:00

You know, we all go through this whole condom thing. Many friends who are new to human resources do not know where to buy at the beginning, and even if they find a place, they will be embarrassed and even dare not buy. As a responsible man, wearing a condom is a must, for yourself and for others. Here Xiaobian will share with those male friends who are new to human resources where you can buy condoms.


The computer,

1. Supermarket

Some supermarket chains have the sale of condoms, big supermarkets usually have a regular purchase channels, the probability of buying fake goods is generally relatively small. But supermarkets can be awkward because they're crowded. Generally, the location of condoms in supermarkets is at the checkout counter.

2. Medicine

Every pill will sell condoms. However, the condom is generally more expensive, and even some small brands of condoms are also very expensive, and even some fakes, so there are generally fewer people to buy medicine. If you pay attention, you'll notice that some medicine cases have a thin layer of ash on them......

3. Convenience

Most of these amenities are private and often found near residential areas. But these condoms are generally unreliable, there will be a lot of high imitation fakes. If you really need to use it urgently, buy it back and try two or three irrigation water, if there is a leak, don't use those you bought.

4. Adult products

In some colleges, residential areas and entertainment areas will have a variety of adult products, some of these adults are privately opened, but also a chain of adults. Some private fakes will be more, it is recommended that we try to go to the chain adult purchase.

5. Online Shopping

Now more and more people choose online shopping condoms, so as to avoid the embarrassment of buying in the entity, and now the business delivery confidentiality is better, you can not see what you are buying from the outside of the box. However, there are a lot of fake goods online, it is recommended that you buy in some relatively large flagship.

6. No one sells

Everyone will find some adult products on the roadside vending, these are 24 hours self help. These also avoid buying embarrassment. Xiaobian did not buy in these unmanned vending, how the goods Xiaobian do not evaluate.

Matters needing attention

Condoms buy back the best to open two or three irrigation try, if there is a leak of those not open also do not use, just in case!