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Where is the most affordable pregnancy acne how to solve

2018-01-13 01:36:00

Method 1: Adequate sleep, eliminate stress Not only hormones can affect the growth of acne, stress is also one of the causes of acne growth. Therefore, expectant mothers should try to ensure adequate sleep (must sleep 8 hours a day), but also to relax the mood, eliminate the pressure in life, try to see some good things, make the mood happy, which helps the skin and fetal health. There is no need to restrict your diet excessively during pregnancy, but if acne is severe, expectant mothers should reduce their intake of fat, calories and sugar and eat more green vegetables. Method 3: Wash your face carefully, use irritating small cosmetics in the morning, wash your face carefully with facial cleanser, apply cleaning cream when washing your face at night, wipe it clean with cotton paper, and then wash your face with weak acid facial cleanser, in this process, scrub repeatedly to make facial cleanser fully foaming, and then rinse repeatedly. It's best to start with warm water and finish with cool water. Because some cosmetics contain alcohol, will stimulate the growth of acne, so should avoid the use of such cosmetics, the best use of acne skin special cosmetics or moisturizing cosmetics. Warm reminder: 1, do not squeeze the acne: do not squeeze the immature acne by hand, so as not to damage the skin. When the pimple is yellow and there is a pimple protruding from the center, wash your face and hands, and gently squeeze out the protruding pimple. 2, can not apply acne ointment at will: acne ointment contains antibiotics and vitamin E inducers, will have adverse effects on the fetus, even in preparation for pregnancy 1 month before should be prohibited. In addition, the main ingredients of acne treatment also cause serious side effects of fetal deformity. If the acne is too serious, should go to the regular hospital dermatology doctor to consult, looking for a safe treatment that will not affect the fetus.