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Where is the place suitable for artistic small photo? !

2018-03-31 09:36:56

Is the bustling city, busy work seems to have wiped out people's feelings, but at the weekend, we still have to leave the time to ourselves, to feel the life. Do not think that there is only steel and cement, in fact, there are many small places of literature and art, but you have not found. Today I take you into the corner of literature


Put on beautiful clothes


Bring a camera


Good mood


Dutch flower Town Address: Area Transportation: bus (South head station), subway (station) There are many Dutch characteristics of the building complex, flower plants to flowers, dried flowers, succulents, as well as coffee shops and light food. On weekends, about three or five friends, take photos, visit the flower market, tired can have a rest in the cafe, is a good place for leisure


Oct Creative Park Address: District Transportation: Bus station (Kangjia), subway (Qiaoqiao Station Exit A) This place is not only artistic but also creative. On weekends, many artisans will set up stalls here, sometimes there will be live band performances, art exhibitions, symposia and other cultural activities, and it will be updated from time to time. Go for a walk when you are bored, you may find something interesting


Site end address: Transportation: bus station (Dapeng station to nuclear power plant, this need to transfer, drive more convenient) known as a small, literary and residential complex, there are a lot of beaches, if you do not want to go to the big Xiaomesha "dumplings", here is a good place, you can quietly blow the sea breeze and relax.


Guanlan Printmaking Village Address: Transportation: bus station (Niuhu Printmaking Village) Here was originally a small village, and then gradually some artists turned it into, and slowly became the present literary and artistic place. There are also large rapeseed flower fields, strawberry fields, with a camera at leisure, you can slowly stroll around for a day oh ~~


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


Wutongshan Art Town Address: Transportation: bus station (checkpoint) I heard that there are many recluses in the art world hidden here, simple buildings with graffiti. The art here has no boundaries, music, sculpture, sports, etc., all kinds of culture and art form an impact, you can come here to explore the weekend

Matters needing attention

Travel safety, it is best to check the route in advance


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