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Where to see rapeseed flowers? Where is the most beautiful rapeseed flower

2018-03-18 17:36:00

February, March, and to the rape flower blooming season, every time to this time, there are friends around to ask: when will the rape flower open? Do you really want to see rapeseed flowers? Are there rape flower fields? Where to see the most beautiful rapeseed flowers? You know what? In, there is no place to lose the rape flower sea, and more than one place oh. Who are you going to see such a beautiful sea of rape flowers with?


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1. Yingde - Baojinggong Rapeseed Flower Sea is a major landscape in Baojinggong Ecological Resort of Yingde City. Golden rapeseed flowers are in full bloom in the resort, which is the largest rapeseed field on the lake shore in the province. In spring, dozens of acres of rapeseed flowers bloom in the scenic spot, which has become an ocean of rapeseed flowers. A blossoming, a cluster, a piece of not in the spring breeze head held in full bloom, Ying Ying beckoning. From a distance, it looks like a golden, wind-swept ocean, like a yellow and green carpet. Come to Baojing Palace to travel at this time, you can feel the spring of rapeseed flowers blooming into a brilliant ocean, and the spring of rapeseed flowers.


1.- Village village in Timian town, at the foot of Wangzishan Forest Park, known as "the most beautiful mountain village in the city". As soon as spring arrives, it can be covered with golden rapeseed flowers, swaying in the air, the beautiful appearance is very beautiful. While enjoying the rapeseed flowers, you can also enjoy the warm Hakka customs, and the village temple and Hakka cultural relics are also worth seeing. The natural scenery of the village is very superior, the village brook babbling, windmill leisurely, its own style. After arriving at the village, you may wish to walk to the village creek, the scenery of lover's path is very good.


1.- Diaolou in Zicun Village is a special type of Chinese vernacular architecture. It is a multi-story tower building integrating defense, residence and Chinese and Western architectural art. Some people say that the Diaolou Group in Zili Village is a pastoral symphony of Chinese and Western Musical Instruments. In the spring, Zili Village has a different flavor, which is an "alternative" trip, because it is an encounter between Diaolou and the sea of flowers. In the season when rape flowers compete for beauty, the rape flowers in Zili village shine with the antique Diaolou, which does not have a retro atmosphere.


1.- Liantan Town Liantan Town is located in Yudong, where the mountains and rivers Yu xiu, outstanding people, quite a lot of scenic spots and historic sites, known as the "town of folk songs", "town of martial arts" reputation. Winter to spring, Liantan's ten thousand acres of rapeseed flower fields grow well, each piece of flower fields in full bloom, the vast expanse of golden flower fields become another new landscape of rural tourism. The annual "temple fair" held by local people on the 20th of the first lunar month to commemorate Zhang Yuanxun's birthday has now developed into an annual folk art festival. In particular, the folk songs and "Helou dance" of Liantan are well known, which is a wonderful flower in the history and culture of Liantan.


1.- The village is located at the junction of four counties of Fujian and Guangdong provinces. The special geographical location and climatic conditions have bred this vast rapeseed terrace, which is a unique local tourism. Brush, golden, yellow tender rapeseed flowers like a huge goose yellow velvet carpet, spread from this mountain to that mountain. The spring breeze blows, the flower waves roll, the fragrance comes. In the golden yellow, hidden is the ancient Hakka village of Ming and Qing buildings, clustered together in the village, the evening rising curling smoke, like ink painting.


1. Qiaotou town - park January cauliflower yellow, June lotus fragrance, want to see rapeseed do not have to go to do not have to go to the bridge; If you want to see lotus, don't go, don't go, come to the bridge. There is a world of flowers, a sea of flowers, in which you suddenly feel that you have become a bee and a butterfly dancing... When to go: From late February to the end of March, the flowering period lasts about one month.


1.- As soon as Jiangwei Town enters the territory, the rapeseed flowers on both sides of the road will come into view and make people's eyes shine. You can drive your own car, humming along, to find what you think is the most beautiful rape flowers. The best place to see rapeseed flowers is in the beautiful town of Jiangwei. Just into the town of Jiangwei, in the farmland on both sides of the road, a place to the east, a corner of the west, you can see the golden rapeseed flowers. The more I move forward, the more rapeseed fields I can see, one by one, from the side of the road to the foot of the mountain in the distance... Walking among them, the smell of flowers with the wind, especially comfortable.

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