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Which baby stroller is right for your baby?

2018-03-13 08:00:00

Good children in the stroller brand visibility is quite high, even did not buy a stroller friends also know how much good children. Now there are many models and prices of good baby strollers, which one is suitable for your baby?


First of all, according to the age of the baby, the type of good baby stroller can be divided into 0-36 months and 7-36 months according to the age group. Because the baby will not sit up before he is 6 months old, the baby who is not yet 6 months old is best to lie flat and sit.


According to the actual needs of the baby, there are almost 55 kinds of baby stroller styles, of course, there are many functions and design of the same, we have to take into account the weight of the car, the season, shock absorber, convertible or fully closed and other aspects. Because the design of the good baby stroller also takes these aspects into account, different families have corresponding choices. Of course, when you buy, you can also consult customer service or shopping guides in detail.


What price do you want to buy a good baby cart for the baby? Now the baby stroller has 3 prices, there are 300-500 yuan, 500-1000 yuan and 1000-3000 yuan. Parents can choose the right trolley for their baby according to the price they can accept. The second difference in price is a variety of styles and some new functional uses.

Matters needing attention

In fact, I think that the more functions of the stroller, the better, the key is the practicality and safety of the stroller is suitable.