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Which senior titles are permanently valid

2018-04-23 16:00:30

Professional and technical qualifications are permanent. The staff of enterprises or institutions shall apply for professional and technical titles, and the intermediate titles shall be evaluated and reviewed by the evaluation committee composed of senior technical personnel of the municipal business main department and staff of the vocational reform Office of the human resources and Social Security Bureau; Senior titles are reviewed by the provincial evaluation committee. After obtaining the qualification, the certificate-issuing organ is the representative to exercise its functions and has authority. Therefore, the professional qualification certificate to the deputy senior above, the gold content is very high, universal, lifelong valid. The qualification certificate of professional and technical personnel is issued by the national or local title reform leading group to professional and technical personnel engaged in different types of work, and the certification certificate that they can engage in a certain level of work. Such as: 1, teachers: high school senior \ middle school level \ middle school level \ middle school level \ middle school level \ primary school senior \ primary school level \ Primary school level \ primary school level \ primary school level \ primary school three teachers and so on. 2. Doctor: physician, attending physician, etc. 3, other industries: engineer, senior engineer, etc.