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Why is grey teddy expensive

2018-03-30 01:36:19

Why are Whitdies expensive? I think the main thing is. Because scarcity is valuable, and that's one thing, and the other thing is that Teddy has the largest number of animals in our lives. There are many kinds of teddy, we say the red teddy, the champagne teddy, the black teddy and the other is the wheat-teddy. So why are Whitdies expensive? Because Whittie's here. Well, the reproductive success rate is relatively low. And the other one is his audience that loves him, too. So in life, you want this from Big Gray Wolf. There are also fewer people. That is relatively speaking, if you want to buy such a product is relatively low, the price may be higher than other equivalent. That's a lot of little angels. The number of Whetted is small, and the audience is small. The reproduction ability of Wheatted is not very strong, so the price of Wheatted is relatively high when you want to raise products compared to good Wheatted.