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Wine wedding scene layout

2018-02-16 14:24:00

Buy a sacred wedding, wedding preparations before the wedding is very troublesome, marriage certificate, wedding photos, house car, wedding dress, wedding car planning, wedding officiant, etc., all kinds of trivial things, headache, wedding preparations in the wedding scene is the most critical place, because it is to entertain relatives and friends, guests venue, generally in the wine purchase, What should we pay attention to in the wedding scene? Buy wedding first should find a suitable wine, general wedding wine choice should pay attention to three aspects, first is the price, the price to choose suitable for their own on the line, should also pay attention to the selection of time, generally speaking, the end of the festival is the most expensive, the wedding family reminds everyone, there is no need to waste; The second is style, to suit yourself, and also consider the wedding guests; Finally, the location, whether the transportation of the wine place is convenient, whether the guests can stay overnight if they stay, etc., need to be comprehensively considered. Wine wedding preparation layout points 1: Stage stage is the most important, but also the focus of the whole wedding, the selected position should be front or center, the color of the stage background should be the whole wedding style tone, and will put the wedding couple's wedding photos and wedding Logo, as well as a variety of flowers and lights to livify the atmosphere, but also set a variety of decorations and styles. Wedding preparations and layout points 1: red carpet wedding red carpet, red carpet with flowers arch is every bride wants something, because every girl has a princess dream of their own, the carpet can also be placed around some small colored balloons and flowers, the carpet covered with petals must be very romantic, attract the attention of guests. Wine wedding preparation layout point 3: road guide, road guide is also essential, if it is a small wine can also ignore, large wine is generally very spacious, the wedding is generally more chaotic, easy to make people confused direction, the color of the road guide to when their wedding style, and the cocoa on the road is also pasted with photos of the wedding couple, with flowers as decoration. Wine wedding layout points four: flower design wedding is very festive, naturally without flowers, wedding scene layout without flowers, the focus of flower is the choice of flower type and color, as well as flower decoration and placement, these are the need to consider the bottom. Wine wedding preparations layout points five: wedding walls Some wedding wine walls are the need to decorate the bottom, you can use a lot of small balloons and petals decoration, while hanging in the center of the petals of the wedding couple's wedding photos, to provide the couple and guests to take photos, is a very good idea.