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Winter car glass anti-fogging skills - car glass anti-fogging agent use common sense

2018-04-14 12:48:49

Auto glass anti-fogging agent, mainly used in the car inside and outside the anti-fog work, reduce the condensation phenomenon caused by moisture on the surface of glass and plastic, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, and ensure driving safety! 1, internal anti-fog: when the rain, fog, cold days, car windshield inside the condensation fog, with a clean towel, paper towel dip this product evenly wipe the condensation fog, you can play an anti-fog effect; 2, effectively remove the dirt and grease on the windshield of the car, make the windshield bright as new, improve clarity, and have a great help to driving safety; 3, car mirror waterproof film: rain glass will form water droplets, especially the reverse mirror, the formation of water droplets lead to poor vision of the driver, posing a threat to safe driving. At this time, use clean towels, paper towels to evenly wipe the water droplets formed, (it is raining and does not need to wash) rain will become water film, evenly flowing down the glass, the car mirror is bright and clear the driver's sight is good, driving is safe; The performance characteristics of glass antifogging agent have strong decontamination performance, effective cleaning; Excellent anti-fog effect, bright effect, high glass transparency, improve the safe driving coefficient; Water-based material, environmental protection and clean; The glass surface is not easy to absorb dust, and the performance is safe and stable. Precautions should be taken when using glass antifogging agent: 1. Flammable substance. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Avoid direct sunlight, fire or heat sources. Store in a cool place below 50℃. 2, do not drink, if taken by mistake, please try to induce vomiting and treatment as soon as possible. If spatters in eyes, flush generously. If discomfort persists, send to hospital as soon as possible. 3, do not inhale the aerosol, the aerosol of this product can lead to lethargy or dizziness. 4, do not squeeze, wear or burn tank body, empty tank is also. Discard in accordance with local regulations. 5, do not let children touch and play, away from children storage. 6, ensure adequate thickness of anti-fog film to ensure excellent anti-fog performance. In winter or rainy season, there is a difference of more than 5 degrees between the temperature inside and outside the car, and there is plenty of water vapor in the car and the humidity is high, the window glass will fog. Do not use a towel to wipe the front window in order to remove the fog during driving, which has a great safety risk. It is best for the owner to use anti-fogging agent for the anti-fogging work of the car glass to maintain the driver's clear sight and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents!