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word document use skills --(1) How to compare two word documents

2018-03-13 03:12:29

As a copywriter, especially editors, a document usually has several versions, the author's original manuscript, the editor's revised manuscript, the author's revised manuscript, etc., so it is very important to compare two documents, how to put two documents in a window?


Computer, word software


As an example, open a random document (linear correspondence theory), copy it to a blank document (1), and make random changes in document 1


Open any word document, select the menu "Review" - click "Compare" to open the "Compare Document" menu bar


Select "Linear Response Theory" in the original document and "Document 1" in the revised document. Click OK, and a new word document appears, that is, the comparison result


This new document is divided into three parts: comparison document, source document and revision document.


Scroll down the mouse, mainly see the "compare document" mark, red vertical line appears on the left side, that is, there are changes different from the original document,


Click on the red short line to see the changes between the two, and you can compare them through the two documents on the right